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Harvard Law School Graduates: A Biographical Research Guide

A list of biographical sources, which offer basic information regarding Harvard Law School graduates.


Some of the Law School catalogs from the 19th century do not include student listings; this information can be found in the University catalog. For those years when we do not have Law School catalogs, try consulting the University catalog. The information in many of the Law School’s early catalogs was identical to the University catalog.

In addition to information on faculty, tuition, courses, and degree requirements these catalogs might also include the following:

      • List of students by class year (until WWII)
      • Residence at the time of entry to law school
      • Housing location (listed under “room”)
      • Previous degree(s)

These catalogs have been digitized. Please follow the Internet link from the HOLLIS record to access this material. There are some gaps in the collection.

Harvard Law School Catalogs