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Library Services for Clinics and SPOs

This guide provides information relevant to those participating in HLS clinics and SPOs regarding services and support offered by the HLS Library.



Welcome HLS Clinics and SPOs!

The following guide provides information relating to the services provided by the Harvard Law School Library for those associated with a clinic or SPO. For further information on HLS Library services, please visit our other Research Guides, refer to the HLS Library's main-page, and visit our For Students or For Faculty pages. For further infomration on Harvard Law School Clinics and SPOs visit their main-page.  

*NEW* Access to PoliticoPro

PoliticoPro LogoPoliticoPro provides subject-based issue and policy tracking tools in multiple areas including: Health CareMedicaidEducationEnergy RegulationState Tax, and Campaigns. It also prepares issue pages for major policy areas with news updates, calendar function, whiteboard updates, charts and graphs, glossaries, and other useful information all in easy to navigate practice centers.  For PoliticoPro access contact Tricia Farr and request an account.

PoliticoPro offers several different ways you can receive alerts:

  • Track Updates: Select members and staff to receive daily updates on the contacts you care about.
  • Custom White Board Alerts: with 100-200 custom alerts in any given policy area, youcan select pro-active, real-time alerts to ensure they never miss a breaking update on any issue they care about. 
  • Custom Article Alerts: you can also elect to receive articles on 100-200 custom topics within any given policy area. Articles take a deeper dive into the analysis—offering the story and predictive analysis of what is to come next—and are written specifically by expert policy reporters for a policy audience.

To set up your custom alerts on PoliticoPro, go to "Manage Profile" and you can add whiteboard and article alerts by topic, with many options to customize.  To track updates on a member or staff select the person's profile and select the "Receive Updates" button.

creenshot of My Pro ManagePro page with customization options for Health Care expanded.

Library Services: Faculty & Staff

Library Services for Clinics and SPOs

The legal research specialists at the Harvard Law School Library are available to help support your clinic's or SPO’s faculty, staff and students with your research needs. The following boxes provide information and links to useful research tools and library aid available. 

Please note that the librarians cannot do research for you.

Research Skills and Techniques

The librarians can help your clinic’s or SPO's faculty, staff and students develop efficient research skills and techniques through: 

  • In-class or stand alone training classes for students on specific topics or tools - request a customizable research class through InstaClass
  • Research training sessions for clinical/SPO staff and faculty - visit the Research Training Calendar to view times and locations for classes and to sign up for a research class
  • Individual meetings with staff and students to support specific research projects - determine your Clinic/SPO Liaison and set up a Research Appointment

Develop Online Content

Librarians can help develop on-line content to support clinical/SPO projects through:

  • The creation of Research Guides for courses or projects
  • Gathering research resources for clinical course iSites

HLS Library Services

Utilize the HLS Library's extensive resources:


Library Services: Students

Library Services for Clinical/SPO Students

The legal research specialists at the Harvard Law School Library are available to help you with your clinical/SPO research. The following box provides information on some of the services offered. Please contact your clinic's Research Librarian for more information. 

Please note that the librarians cannot do research for you.

Services Offered

The HLS Library offers many services to help aid Clinical/SPO Students fulfill their research needs.  The librarians can help you:

  • Develop a research plan - contact your Clinic Liaison to schedule a Research Appointment
  • Identify relevant print and on-line sources - utilize all of the available HLS Library Research Resources
  • Develop efficient research skills - contact your Clinic/SPO Liaison for more information
  • Navigate library collections and services - search Hollis for HLS library holdings and browse our Databases for additional resources 
  • Identify tools and resources to support your research projects and organize your research - contact your Clinic/SPO Liaison for more information on the Research Services available

Resources: Clinical/SPO Teaching

Best Bets for Clinical/SPO Teaching

Clinical Law Prof Blog

Current posts from the Clinical Law Prof Blog


Clinical Research Guides

Access to MCLE

Harvard Law School Library now subscribes to the MCLE OnlinePass

The MCLE OnlinePass provides total access to a fully-searchable electronic database containing all of MCLE’s live webcasts, archived webcasts, books, forms, practice-area professional development plans. It is a comprehensive subscription to everything MCLE offers online.

The 7 major practice areas include:

  • Business & Commercial Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Law
  • Employment & Labor Law
  • Estate Planning & Administration
  • Family Law
  • Real Estate & Environmental Law 

Visit the MCLE website from any on-campus location or use this link for off campus access.

Liaisons & Contacts


If you cannot determine your clinic's or SPO's library liaison based upon the following lists, please contact for further information and help. 

Liaison Assignments


HLS Library Liaison(s)

In-House Clinics
Criminal Justice Institute Michelle Pearse
Crimmigration Clinic Stephen Wiles
Cyberlaw Clinic (Berkman)   AJ Blechner
Education Law Clinic of the TLPI June Casey
Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic Meg Kribble
Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic Stephen Wiles
Harvard Legal Aid Bureau George TaoultsidesAslihan Bulut
Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program AJ Blechner
International Human Rights Clinic Aslihan Bulut
Making Rights Real: The Ghana Project Clinic Aslihan Bulut
Transactional Law Clinics  Tim McAllister
Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation
Food Law and Policy Clinic Claire DeMarco
Health Law and Policy Clinic Claire DeMarco
Wilmer Hale Legal Services Center (LSC)
Family and Domestic Violence Law Clinic Michelle Pearse
Federal Tax Law Clinic Tim McAllister
Housing Law Clinic AJ Blechner
Predatory Lending/Consumer Protection Clinic Tim McAllister
Veterans Law and Disability Benefits Clinic Claire DeMarco
Externship Clinics
Capital Punishment Clinic  Michelle Pearse
Child Advocacy Program Michelle Pearse
Criminal Prosecution Clinic Michelle Pearse
Employment Law Clinic Meg Kribble
Government Lawyer - State Attorney General Clinic George Taoultsides
Government Lawyer - US Attorney's Office George Taoultsides
Government Lawyer - Semester in Washington George Taoultsides
Judicial Process in Community Courts Meg Kribble
Public Education Policy and Consulting Clinic Michelle Pearse
Sports Law Clinic Heather Pierce
Supreme Court Litigation Clinic AJ Blechner
Harvard Defenders Michelle Pearse
Harvard Immigration Project Stephen Wiles
Harvard Legal Entrepreneurship Project (HLEP) Tim McAllister
Harvard Mediation Program  AJ Blechner
Harvard Mississippi Delta Project Claire DeMarco
Harvard Negotiators AJ Blechner
Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project (PLAP) Michelle Pearse
HLS Advocates for Human Rights Aslihan Bulut
Project No One Leaves AJ Blechner
Recording Artists Project (RAP) Tim McAllister
Tenant Advocacy Project (TAP) AJ Blechner 



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