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Library Guide for the Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute

Starting places and core resources on Ukrainian studies in the Harvard Library.


If you have questions or comments, please e-mail: Hugh Truslow or Olha Aleksic

Reminder: If you are not able to attend the class on library resources or the tour of Widener, please feel free to contact Hugh or Olha for an individual consultation.

Finding Books

Finding Books


HOLLIS Classic online catalog: To find books in the Harvard libraries, go to HOLLIS Classic. The HOLLIS Catalog is also accessible via the Harvard Libraries site: click on the link in the center panel under "Books, Videos and More." Once you're in HOLLIS Classic, we suggest the following basic ways to search:

Choose the Search Type: Title Beginning with... if you know the exact title or the beginning of the title.
For example: perestroika to independence

or choose the Search Type: Author (last name first) if you know at least the author's last name and first initial.
For example: szporluk, r

Choose the SEARCH TYPE: Keywords anywhere if you are looking for a topic but don't know an exact subject heading
For example: postmodernism ukrainian literature

or if you are looking for a specific work and know the topic but not the exact title
For example: ukraine state institution building

or if you are looking for a specific work and know the author's last name and what it is about
For example: wilson ukrainian nationalism

or if you know the last names of two or more authors or editors of a work
For example: aslund de menil

Tips for using the HOLLIS Classic catalog

  • Use ? to truncate search words: postmodern?
  • Put “” around words to search them as a phrase: “ukrainian nationalism”.
  • Click on Save/Mail when you are looking at a record to e-mail search results to yourself.
  • When you find a relevant book in HOLLIS click on any SUBJECTS listed on the screen to find more books on that topic.


Other Catalogs and Resources


HOLLIS+: The newest version of Harvard's online library catalog, it offers more flexible searching, narrowing of search results by facets, and the ability to search books and articles in one interface. Because it is less reliable in how it handles transliterated Cyrillic characters, we do recommend using HOLLIS Classic when searching for Ukrainian-language materials.

WorldCat: To find books in libraries beyond Harvard (throughout North America and in many major European libraries). There's also an open Web version.

The European Library: To search the catalogs of major libraries in Europe, including their digital collections.

Europeana: To explore "paintings, music, films and books from Europe's galleries, libraries, archives and museums."

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Questions? Contact Us!

Schedule a follow-up consultation:

Hugh Truslow, Librarian for the Davis Center Collection and Library Liaison to the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Fung Library, 617-495-4030, e-mail

Olha Aleksic, Petro Jacyk Bibliographer for Ukrainian Collections, Widener Library Slavic Division, and Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute Library, 617-496-2458, e-mail

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