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Accessing and Donating Student Material in Historical & Special Collections: Material Created by Individual Students

Student Papers

A comprehensive guide to HLS student papers can be found here. There are several broad categories of papers that you may explore:

Many of these papers are available in the circulating collection or in DASH, Harvard's institutional repository. To see a paper that is listed as a part of the "Red Set," please contact Historical & Special Collections at or fill out the appointment request form to view the paper in the Root Room, the Historical & Special Collections reading room.

Diaries, Letters, and Class Notes

Find something that we missed?

This list is by no means comprehensive and we add to it every chance we get! If you come across an item or collection in Historical & Special Collections that was created by HLS students and that you feel should be added to this LibGuide, please feel free to alert us to it. Send us an email at

Highlights from Student Letters and Diaries

Image from James W. Boyden diary, HLS student, 1845-1846

This page of James W. Boyden's diary recounts a trip to Beverly, MA to attend a wedding. 
Image Credit: Diary of James W. Boyden, 1845-1846. Manuscript. HLS MS 4486. Historical & Special Collections. Harvard Law School Library.

Reproduction of photograph of R.Y. Jennings and Axel Serup on a road trip, 1936

This photograph of HLS student Robert Yewdall Jennings was taken on a road trip during the 1936-37 academic year. The trip is documented in a series of letters that were transcribed and then donated to Historical & Special Collections. Additional images, including a reproduction of Jennings' passport photo, were also included alongside the transcribed letters.
Image creditLetters from America from R.Y. Jennings : written during the academic year spent at the University of Harvard 1936-37. Rare Biography (Jennings). Historical & Special Collections. Harvard Law School Library.