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Accessing and Donating Student Material in Historical & Special Collections: Donate Student Material

Getting Started

This page is a work in progress. Please check back in the future for more information!

Interested in donating records from your time at HLS to Historical & Special Collections? There are a few things to know before getting started.

Contact Historical & Special Collections staff at if you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation. 

Types of Records

What kind of records can be donated to Historical & Special Collections?

  • Records from student organizations
    • Constitutions, charters, and by-laws
    • Meeting minutes
    • Flyers
    • Newsletters
    • Email and other correspondence
    • Institutional histories
    • Audio/visual material: photographs, video
  • Student papers that are not already held by the Library
  • Notes taken in class (i.e. notes taken during a contracts course)

What kind of records are not typically accepted?

  • Material with personally identifiable information (PII): social security numbers, driver's license numbers, etc.
  • Financial records, checks, receipts
  • Trophies and plaques