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Schlesinger Library Collections Projects

This guide details the collections in the process of being moved from the Library to offsite storage.

Collections being transferred - September-December 2017

If you are planning a visit to use a collection identified on the list, please contact Research Services through the Ask a Schlesinger Librarian webform for the most up-to-date information.

Age Center of New England

Association of American Law Schools. Section on Women in Legal Education

Sheila Bailey

Dolores Bargowski

Battered Women's Directory Project

Jane Blanshard

Grace Morrison Boynton

Marjorie Braude

Camp Moy-Mo-Da-Yo (Limington, ME)

Kate Carney

Katherine Putnam Codman

Curricula and Syllabi Collection

Cindy Crabb

Charlotte Curtis

Dames D'Escoffier, Boston Chapter

Mary Ware Dennett

Driggs-Rust Family

Dorothy Emerson

Epicurean Club of Boston

MFK Fisher

Sonia Pressman Fuentes

Girls Clubs of America

Juliet T. Goodrich

Marie-Anne Greenough

Harriet Ford Griswold

Bertha Sanford Gruenberg (831---69-31)

Bertha Sanford Gruenberg (83-M196---86-M227)

Frances Gunther

Judy Hart

William R. Henry

Katharine Louisa Smith Hill

Elizabeth Jamison Hodges

Anna Rosenberg Hoffman

Louise W. Holborn

Ruth Williams Hooper

Sarah Ernestine Howard

H. Patricia Hynes

Mary T. Shotwell Ingraham

Mary Inman

International Assembly of Women

International Federation of Working Women

Herrick Jackson

Izetta Jewel

Lucretia Mott Jordan

Louise W. Knight

Esther Laddon

Mildred Leet (2002-M94)

Mildred Leet (2002-M108)

Mildred Leet (2002-M114--2002-M162)

Lydia Pinkham Medicine Company

Helen MacKay

Thelma G. Maginnis

Jeannette Marks

Metropolitan Women Law Teachers Association

Midlife Options for Women

Emma Guffey Miller

Dorothea May Moore

Janice Oberacker

Poor Family


Nan Robertson

Deborah Rose

Rutland Corner House

Saturday Morning Club (2005-M97; unprocessed)

Esther Scanlan

Susan Schechter

She's Nobody's Baby

Rachel Josefowitz Siegel

Barbara Solomon

South Boston Neighborhood House

Kip Tiernan

Sheila Tobias

Lila Luce Tyng

Jean Valentine

Carmen Delgado Votaw

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Anna Wessels Williams

Worcester Women's Oral History Project