Setting up to Find Full Text

Setting up EndNote Find Full Text (X3 and later)

The Find Full Text feature in EndNote works with your Harvard ID and PIN to access licensed articles.  To enable EndNote to retrieve Harvard-licensed full-text documents, you’ll need to set up the Find Full Text options under the ‘Preferences’ menu.  For best results, also set up the OpenURL features under URLs & Links (instructions). To retrieve documents after you’ve followed these steps, simply highlight the references for which you’d like full text and run Find Full Text.

To set up Find Full Text:

  1. From the 'Edit’ Menu (Or EndNote menu with Mac OS), choose ’Preferences …'
  2. Choose 'Find Full Text' from the choices on the left.
  3. Check all four of the boxes for full text search options.
  4. For 'OpenURL Path,' enter:
  5. For 'Authentication URL,' enter:
  • (eCommons, HarvardKey, or PIN)

To use Find Full Text, either pull down the ‘References’ menu and choose the ‘Find Full Text’ command, or right click on a reference and choose it.  For each session, the first time you launch Find Full Text, EndNote opens a mini browser window where you can authenticate with either a Harvard University PIN or an eCommons account.  Once you've logged in successfully, you can close the window or press "Continue."