HOLLIS+: Export records to EndNote

To export multiple items from a results list:

  • Select the records you'd like to export. Selected records appear in My Research.


HOLLIS+ screen shot with 1. records selected and 2. My Research highlighted



  • In My Research, select the records to export and then from the "Select how to save" dropdown, choose EndNote/Zotero (RIS). Click Go.


HOLLIS+ My Research screen shot with 1. records selected and 2. EndNote chosen from dropdown menu



  • An "import to citation manager" popup will appear. (If it does not, allow for popups on the site.) Click OK.


Screen shot of import to citation manager popup


  • Choose "open with" and browse to the EndNote program. Click OK.


Screen shot of RIS export screen



  • Records will import to EndNote.


Screen shot EndNote imported references folder



To export from the details tab of a single record:

  • From the send to menu, select "Add to My Research" to send to My Research for export later or select "Export to EndNote" to export a single record.


Screen shot of HOLLIS+ send to menu