What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a desktop & web-based citation tool, but more than that, it is a community of researchers. You can search through the millions of papers it contains from other Mendeley users, share your references and papers with collaborators, join public discussion groups, and discover other researchers in your field.

Strengths of Mendeley

  • Free for basic functions
  • Share references and documents
  • Great at managing PDFs
  • Can view & annotate PDFs directly in Mendeley
  • Good, light-weight citation manager works with MS Word
  • 5GB of storage with FAS or CfA email

Getting Started with Mendeley

Getting Mendeley is simple: just sign up for an account with Mendeley and download the desktop application. Create a profile to complete your presence in the Mendeley community.

Harvard users affiliated with FAS or the Center for Astrophysics should register with their 'fas.harvard.edu' or 'cfa.harvard.edu' email address. Joining the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences group will then activate the institutional account which provides enhanced sharing and storage for eligible users. The Harvard Center for Astrophysics has a distinct but equivalent institutional group. The Wolbach Library offers more detailed instructions for activating an institutional account.

Mendeley makes videos and other materials on getting started with Mendeley at their guides portal.

Mendeley at Harvard

Setting up OpenURL (Find it at Harvard) in Mendeley Web

Unfortunately, Mendeley no longer supports OpenURL resolvers. Institutions can no longer link their catalog data to Mendeley.

Add HOLLIS+ Records to Mendeley

  • If you're looking at a results list, select the records from the  list by checking the box to the left of the title. Records are automatically added to My Research.
  • Go to My Research (link in upper right) and select the records you'd like to export (again! we know.)
  • Set the pull down to the right to "EndNote, Zotero (RIS)".  It's not EndNote, but it's RIS so it doesn't matter.
  • Glick "Go" and then Save the file 'Primo_RIS_Export.ris'.
  • Import this file into Mendeley from the Mendeley File menu. Choose the RIS import option.
  • If you're looking at an individual record rather than a results list, you need only to pull down the Send To pull down and choose "EndNote, Zotero (RIS)".

Mendeley Classes at Harvard

Due to decreased demand, we do not plan to hold Mendeley classes in the foreseeable future. If you have questions about Mendeley, please write to the citation tools group using this form, or email one of the Mendeley specialists listed under "Getting Help with Mendeley."

Getting Help with Mendeley

Mendeley has an extensive, searchable collection of how-to articles treating all aspects of the tool.

Harvard's Wolbach Library maintains an extensive help page that includes instructions on getting started, adding references and PDFs, using the citation manager, and more.

Moving records between Mendeley and other tools like EndNote, RefWorks, and BibTex is easy. The Wolbach Library will show you how.

For local support, contact:

Paul Bain
Research and Education Librarian
Countway Library

Reed Lowrie
Manager, Reference and Information Services
Cabot, Lamont, and Widener Libraries / FAS Libraries

Susan Gilman
Research Librarian
Widener, Lamont and Tozzer Libraries/FAS Libraries