Importing Citations from HOLLIS+

To export multiple citations from a results list (in either version of RefWorks):

  • Select the records you'd like to export. Selected records appear in My Research.

  • In My Research, select the records to export and then from the "Select how to save" dropdown, choose RefWorks. Click Go.

To export from the details tab of a single record (in either version of RefWorks):

  • From the Send to menu, select "Add to My Research" to send to My Research for export later or select "RefWorks" to export a single record.
  • Imported references go into the Last Imported folder in RefWorks. From there you can put them into My Folders.

Exporting PDFs in HOLLIS+ (only in New RefWorks):

New RefWorks has a "Save to RefWorks" bookmarklet tool that you can use to import PDFs from HOLLIS+ and library databases.

  1. Within new RefWorks, under Tools, follow the directions to install the "Save to RefWorks" bookmarklet to your internet browser's favorites/bookmarks bar.

  2. To export the full text of an article that you find in HOLLIS+, follow the "View Online" button from the item's HOLLIS record. Once you land on a page with a PDF download option, click the "Save to RefWorks" bookmarklet. Note that for some databases/journal platforms, you'll retrieve only metadata and will have to download the PDF separately, then drag-and-drop onto the metadata in RefWorks.