Importing Citations from HOLLIS Classic

Exporting from HOLLIS Classic (in either version of RefWorks):

1. Search HOLLIS Classic and select the records you wish to import into RefWorks. To do this, mark the boxes next to each record you want (or choose "select all"), then click on Print/Save/Send.

2. Under "Record Format" select Full (use with Refworks), leave the other fields blank and click Print/Save/Send.

Note: If you do not choose this format, records will not export correctly.

Note: The only way to import call numbers into RefWorks is to search HOLLIS from within RefWorks itself. Call numbers do not export using direct export.

3. On the next page, click the Export to RefWorks link. The link will automatically redirect you to RefWorks.

If you're already logged in, the records will export to your "Last Imported Folder." If you are not logged in, you will be brought to the RefWorks log-in page. After you log in to your individual account, your selected records will import.