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ATLA Religion Database

How to use the ATLA Religion Database to locate journal articles, essays, sermons, and book reviews in the field of religion. Includes videos that demonstrate how to search for research on sacred texts, including the Bible.

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Basic Information

ATLA Religion Database

Use the ATLA Religion Database to locate journal articles, essays, and book reviews in the field of religion. Citations cover all religions and all theological points of view. Full-text is available for hundreds of titles.

If you do not find the exact information you need, try other indexes covering the study of religion. Some frequently consulted indexes include: RAMBI: The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies, Christian Periodical Index, Index Islamicus, Bibliography of Asian Studies, New Testament Abstracts, Old Testament Abstracts, and Catholic Periodical and Literature Index.

Accessing the ATLA Religion Database

Either click the URL at the top of this page, or search for "ATLA religion database" on HOLLIS+.

Screen shot of searching for ATLA Religion Database on HOLLIS+

Searching the ATLA Religion Database

Keyword Search:

Enter search terms in one or more Find box.

Boolean operators (And, Or, Not) can also be included in your search.

For more precise results, click a field code from the pull-down menu.  For example, AU Fiorenza will find records that contain Fiorenza in the Author field.

Screen shot of yhe pull-down menu of field codes

Publications Search

Click the Publications button on the blue toolbar near the top-left corner of the page.

Enter a journal title in the Browsing box, and click the browse button.

Mark the box next to the journal title(s) you seek and click Search.

The most recent articles will display at the top of your screen. Browsing current articles in key journals is one great way to increase your awareness of current scholarship.

Screen shot of a search of a particular journal title


Click the Scriptures button on the blue toolbar.


Select a biblical book, or choose Expand for a more specific chapter and verse citation. 

Screen shot of a listing of works on particular chapters or verses of a biblical book

Print, Email, Cite, Share, Export or Save Results


Once you have completed a search, open the record and use the options on the right side of the record.

Screen shot of the options listed on the right side of a record

Locating Full-Text Articles


When you see either “HTML Full Text” or “PDF Full Text” below a citation,

the article is only a click away.

If there is no link, click the Find it button button

Screen shot of an article with a Find it at Harvard link

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