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Find Your Zone at the HLS Library: Home

About HLS Library Zones

To support a variety of activities, including collaboration and quiet study, the HLS Library has designated zones for specific activities throughout the library buildings. Whether you need to study, work with a group, take a snack break, or make a quick call, this guide will help you find out where it's okay to do so in the library.

Find Your Zone

quiet zone icon

Quiet Zones

Areas for quiet reading and study. Please keep noise to a minimum and take conversations to other zones.

Note: stairwells and other nooks are quiet zones, as sound in them carries to other areas.

• Caspersen and Root Rooms
• Lewis Hall stacks
• Langdell Hall stacks and carrels
• Reading Room

collaboration sign icon

Collaboration Zones 

Areas for working in groups or talking quietly with others.

Note: The others you talk or work with must be present in the room! Please take calls to phone zones.

• 2nd floor Lemann Lounge and Microforms Room booths
• 3rd floor group study rooms
• 4th floor Reference Room

phone zone icon

Phone Zones

The only areas where talking on phones is permitted. Please keep ringers on silent.

• 2nd floor Lemann Lounge
• 4th floor computer labs, copy rooms, and bridge to Lewis Hall stacks

food zone icon

Food Zone

The only area where food and snacks are allowed.

Covered drinks are permitted throughout the library.

• 2nd floor Lemann Lounge and Microforms Room booths