Countway's Natural Medicines Handouts

Here are links to the handouts for Countway's classes Natural Medicines: Researching the literature on herbs and dietary supplements. There are files for both the "brown bag" and the workshop sessions. Note that the links to subscription resources will only work for those with a Harvard ID and PIN.

Notable Resources

Recommended CAM Information Sources

Why learn about herbs and supplements?

Sources for drug discovery: 2 votes (7.14%)
Potential interactions and adverse reactions: 5 votes (17.86%)
Reasons of cultural sensitivity: 1 votes (3.57%)
Use of HDS continues to grow: 2 votes (7.14%)
Herb/supplements promote health and healing: 15 votes (53.57%)
To conserve endangered species of medical importance: 1 votes (3.57%)
Mistrust of conventional therapies: 2 votes (7.14%)
Total Votes: 28