Exam Master

Exam Master [electronic resource] USMLE and Specialty Board Exams

Examination preparation and subject review for USMLE Step 1 (9000+ questions), USMLE Step 2 (5000+ questions), and USMLE Step 3 (3000+ questions), NBDME step 1, among others. Certification Review aids cover Family Practice, General Pediatrics, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and SPEX, as well as numerous subject exams. Students can create self-study exams in a variety of subjects.

You must create a personal account in order to access the Qbanks. The program tracks your progress, strengths and weaknesses and customizes practice exams based on your performance.

Surgery Shelf Exam Study Aids

Be sure to check out all the offerings on the Shelf Exams page of the Studying for Exams guide

Clerkship and Board Exam Study from AccessMedicine and AccessSurgery

Both of these huge collections from the publisher McGraw Hill include books series and online tools to help you study for the clerkship and board exams. Here are some highlights

Access Medicine

  • Create you own self-assessment program
  • Study with the "Resident Readiness @ Internal Medicine
  • Physiology Cases
  • Biochemistry Cases
  • Hurst's Imaging Cases
  • Microbiology Cases

Access Surgery

  • Case Files Surgery
  • Resident Readiness@Surgery
  • Q&A for Clerks
  • Quick Tests
  • Board Review for Residents
  • PreTest Surgery
  • Lange Q&A Surgery
  • Exploring Essential Surgery
  • Exploring Essential Radiology

To access these collections you need to connect through the Harvard link AND you need to create a personal account. The publisher states that they require this so they can track the material you have studied and avoid repitition. Please inform a Countway librarian if you feel your personal account is abused by McGraw Hill.

Online USMLE Step 1 test prep

Online Qbanks and test prep titles for Step 1. Please not that Kaplan will not license their Qbanks to libraries.

Test Prep Books (Print)