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A guide to using to create a permanent link to an archived version of a website.

What Is Perma? logo is a service that allows you to archive web content and generate a URL that can be used to refer people to that content. So, if the website is edited or taken down, you and anyone else with the link will still be able to refer back to the site as you saw it. This is ideal for legal journals that are faced with a growing number of citations that include links and no way to ensure that the content remains accessible in the future. 

When users input a URL, downloads the content at that URL and generates a new URL for it. If nothing more is done, this content will be archived for two years. However, if a user with a vesting account opts to "vest" the URL, it will be archived permanently. Vesting accounts are managed by the staff of journals and other similar entities.

If you have any questions about, please contact

Interested in getting a vesting account?

If you work with a scholarly journal or other similar entity, you may be eligible for a vesting account. Please contact one of the participating libraries to inquire about this possibility.

Using Perma

Step 1: Select and Submit a URL - To submit a URL, you will have to log into your account. After you have logged in, you will be presented with a Dashboard that has a form for creating a link as seen below. screenshot showing Dashboard

Step 2: Check Results and Copy URL - Once you have submitted the URL, a URL will be created instantaneously. Together with this URL, you will see a thumbnail image of the site so you can confirm that has archived it properly. screenshot showing confirmation of newly created URL

Step 2(b): Upload Your Own Content - If has not archived the content at your URL to your satisfaction, you have the option to upload the content files directly as seen below. screenshot showing how to upload content files

Step 3: Review Your Links - Once you have created one or more links, they will be stored on your Dashboard under links. You can review or revisit them at any time. screenshot of Dashboard showing how to review your stored links

Your content has now been archived for two years. If it is vested by the manager of a vesting account, it will be archived permanently. Include the citation in all of your works to ensure that your readers always have access to the content exactly as you saw it.