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Uniform Laws and Model Acts

This guide was originally created by Deanna Barmakian and has been updated by Terri Saint-Amour.


Uniform Laws are carefully drafted model laws for potential enactment by state legislatures. State legislatures can reject them, enact them in entirety, or enact them with modifications.

Uniform Laws are authored by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (“NCCUSL”), a group that aims to promote uniformity of state law. Since its founding in 1892, NCCUSL has drafted over 200 Uniform Laws.

Model Acts and Model Codes are similar to Uniform Laws but may be proposed by any individual or organization including the American Bar Association, the American Law Institute, and NCCUSL. In comparison to Uniform Laws, Model Acts are generally used as a basis for designing state laws. They are rarely enacted in entirety.

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