Zotero for Mobile Devices

Before using Zotero on a mobile device, you should download Zotero on your laptop or desktop and create an online account. After familiarizing yourself with Zotero, try these mobile solutions.

Use Zotero's Mobile Site

  • Access your Zotero online account on a tablet or mobile phone via the Zotero mobile site.

Install the Zotero Bookmarklet

  • In order to be able to add resources to your Zotero from a mobile device, you should install the Zotero Bookmarklet.
    • No resource icons will appear in the address bar of your browser on mobile devices like they do on your computer. Once you install the bookmarklet, you'll be able to click it to add research to your Zotero library.
    • Items you collect using the bookmarklet will be saved to your My Library. You can then assign them a different collection.
    • A bookmarklet is different from a typical bookmark in that it provides extra instructions for your browser.

Try a Mobile App for Zotero

While there is no single app which provides all of the functions of Zotero for Firefox or Zotero Standalone on mobile devices, these mobile apps will give you access to your Zotero library as well as to some additional functions. Please note that Harvard Library does not endorse any one app.

  •  ZotPad will allow you to read and annotate the PDFs in your Zotero library in a PDF Reader app and then save them back to your Zotero library using the "open in" function. See the ZotPad User Manual. FREE


  •   Zed Beta Zotero app for Android phones and tablets. FREE


  • PaperShip will allow you to read and annotate PDFs in your Zotero library all in one app. $9.99

Install Zotfile for More Functions

Zotfile is a Zotero plugin that can add three separate functions to your Zotero Firefox extension. These functions include:

1.) Renaming files and saving them to an alternative location.

2.) Sending individual files to and fetching them from your tablet.

3.) Extracting annotations from your PDF files.

You may choose to use any combination of these functions. Combining functions 2 & 3 is popular for researchers who want to have the work they do in a PDF reader app extracted and added as notes to their Zotero items as illustrated here.