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Freshman Seminar: Engaging with the Legacy of Slavery Report: Home

Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery: From the Committee Report to the Classroom

editing in progress _ Feb 12, 2023

Freshman Seminar 




Research Librarian

Archival Visits

  • library collections
  • archival instructional support
  • bibliographic support
  • course reserves 

Creative Workshops

  • Lamont Library Freshman Seminar Exhibit Space
  • Workshops for oral history and podcasting, 
  • Workshop on storymaps or survey 123 digital tours of campus artifacts and locations,
  • Exploring virtual trips through AI designed spaces for Afro-futuristic experiences at Cabot Library


Site Visits

Field trip resources, such as:

  • Royal House,
  • Harvard Forest,
  • Old North Church archive,
  • African American Museum