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HMS Affiliate Teaching Hospital Libraries

This is a guide with contact and service information about the HMS Affiliate Teaching Hospital Libraries.

HMS Affiliated Teaching Hospital Libraries

Countway Library of Medicine Collaborations

During the 2019-2020 FY, a new collaboration process is being piloted between the Countway Library of Medicine and the HMS affiliated teaching hospital libraries. When affiliate teaching hospital users place a request for a mediated search using the Review Service Mediated Search form, it will be triaged to the hospital library based on librarian availability.  This new policy is designed to facilitate collaboration between our professional colleagues and investigators from all HMS Affiliate Institutions.

Learn more about the Review Service here.

The libraries meet throughout the year to learn about projects across institutions and share ideas and problem solve on received information and data literacy queries. 

HMS Affiliate Teaching Hospital Libraries

MGH Library Logo

Massachusetts General Hospital Treadwell Virtual Library

The Treadwell Virtual Library is available to MGH affiliates 24/7.

Special Collections Reading Room at MEE

Massachusetts Eye & Ear

The Abraham Pollen Archives at Massachusetts Eye & Ear are home to close to 3,000 volumes, dating back to 1509.

Brigham and Women's Health Education Institute Log

Brigham and Women's Health Education Institute

The Brigham and Women's Health Education Institute is located at 75 Francis St. on the 1st floor.

McLean Hospital Logo

McLean Hospital Mental Health Library

McLean Hospital has a rich history and numerous books have been written about the hospital.

         Countway Three Shield Logo   

Countway Library
10 Shattuck St, Boston MA 02115 | (617) 432-2136

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