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Note: Resource names in bold indicate licensed resources accessible only through a portal site of Harvard Libraries (http://lib.harvard.edu) with a valid Harvard ID and PIN.

Color coding:

Beige color indicates resources primarily for Chinese studies
Green color indicates resources primarily for Japanese studies
Purple color indicates resources primarily for Korean studies

Societies of the World 13: Japan in Asia and the World

Sources: All images are owned by Harvard Art Museum / Arthur M. Sackler Museum and retrieved from the VIA (Visual Information Access) system at Harvard.

(from top left)

Harbor with Lighthouse and American Men and Ships by Yamada, Kunijiro (1829 - 1874) woodblock printed  (HUAM203618)

Brick Building in Yokohama, Woodblock-printed (HUAM317771)

Nihonbashi Street Scene by Ikkei (active c. 1870) Woodblock-printed (HUAM317779)

Shimbashi Railway Station with Train Time Table by Utagawa, Sadahide (1807 - 1873) 1872, woodblock-printed (HUAM316834)

Lecture at the Meiji Meeting Hall (Meiji Kaidô enzetsu no zu) by Adachi, Ginkô (active c. 1874 - 1897) Meiji period, circa 1880, Woodblock-printed (HUAM202728)

The Japanese Diet (Meiji period, 1890) Woodblock-printed (HUAM317787)


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