Top Picks

  • Academic Search Premier: This is an excellent database to rummage around in after you've sampled what articles are available -- or seem to be surfacing first -- in  a HOLLIS search.

Like HOLLIS, Academic Search Premier is also multidisciplinary in its coverage and also provides you with a range of information types (some scholarly, some not). It draws its information mainly from journals, though you may find book reviews, the occasional dissertation, and magazine and news articles populating your results list.


  • MLA International Bibliography. The most important academic database for deep searching of the scholarship produced about all periods of literature (and in all languages). It also has strong and substantial coverage of scholarship on film, popular culture, folklore, and film.  If a Literature Department teaches it, you'll find it covered here.
  • LION (Literature Online):  Articles from over 430 scholarly journals included from the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL), one of the most important bibliographic sources for English studies, and the British equivalent to the MLA.  You may find significant overlap with MLA, but sometimes it helps to search LION as well. 
  • Screen Studies Collection: A comprehensive survey of current publications related to film scholarship, theory, and criticism. Consider it a great resource for film studies globally. 
  • Film and Television Literature Index: Both journalistic and scholarly reviews of film, critical analysis of cinema and television and coverage of topics related to writing production, film preservation, and film technique.