Our Team

At Gutman Library, the Open Scholarship Team is here to help you create, evaluate, disseminate, and preserve your work - whether papers and articles, data, multimedia, digital projects, and more.

Explore our resources or book an appointment with a member of our team:

Lindsay Whitacre - Research Data Management

I work with researchers on best practices for finding, understanding, organizing, cleaning, and using data for strengthening our arguments and research. I believe everyone should have a basic understanding of data, what it can do, and how it affects our everyday lives. You can schedule a consultation or email me with a quick question.


Carol Kentner - Digital Scholarship

Digital Scholarship is about using the internet and online tools and platforms to create and share new knowledge that drives change and positively impacts the public good.  As the Digital Scholarship Librarian, I partner with departments, research groups and project teams to clarify parameters and platforms that help support creation, collaboration and communication of new scholarship, resources, and information.  Please email me to setup a consultation.


Quetzalli Barrientos - Open Education

Need support finding and adopting open educational resources in your classroom or learning more about open pedagogy? You can contact Quetzalli Barrientos and/or schedule a virtual appointment to discuss all of this and more. 



Te-Yi Lee - Metadata

Need support with metadata and ontologies related to digital projects and institutional repositories? You can contact Te-Yi Lee, Education Metadata Librarian, for a consultation.




Rebecca Martin - Scholarly Communication

Need help interpreting an author's publishing contract or deciding which journal is best suited for your research? Rebecca is happy to meet with you to discuss all of this and more about scholarly communication, including DASH. You can schedule a consultation with her or email her with a quick question.