Using the 'Library Reserves' Page in Canvas

The 'Library Reserves' page in Canvas is for much more than just library materials (although it is GREAT at searching HOLLIS!).

You can upload your own files, as well as link to other material on the web using the 'Cite it!' browser tool.

Sharing video content with your students through the Library Reserves tool allows them to access it easily, and to add their own notes to the item if they choose.

Cite it!

Use the Cite it! bookmarklet to add links to websites, videos and other content you find on the internet.

1. To install the Cite It! bookmarklet

  • click on User Menu for drop down menu,
  • click on Cite It! to open bookmarklet, and
  • drag and drop to browser bookmarks bar to install.


2. When you find content to add to your reading list click Cite It! on your bookmark bar and follow the prompts to add to your list.

3. Cite It! populates the title field and adds a link to website in the source field.

4. Choose which reading list and section to add citation.

5. Click Add It.

Sharing Video through Panopto

The Panopto platform allows you to record or upload video and other files (including PDFs and other supplemental media).

If you record your lecture through Panopto and reference film clips etc. in the lecture, it is possible to add links to this media, or upload it if you have the file on your local machine at specific time stamps in your lecture. This allows students to pause your lecture, watch the clip, and then resume your lecture with the secondary content fresh in their minds.

Students can also make personal notes or engage in a class discussion on the same page where you are sharing the media, allowing them to engage with your material asynchronously as well as during live class sessions.