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Expos 20 | Animals & Politics

Fall 2022

Special Legislative Briefs

CRS (Congressional Research Services) Reports:

These are research briefs, prepared for Congress, usually between 3 and 50 pages, which provide overviews and issue frames on the host of concerns with which legislators are preoccupied, including many related ot environment, wildlife, farming, and animal welfare.  CRS reports distill and synthesize in a non-partisan way and do so in layperson's language.

Subject Bibliographies Prepared by Experts

Animal Studies Online Bibliography (Michigan State University)

Wide-ranging, interdisciplinary, and current list of books, articles, and other materials that form part of the research conversation. 

lightbulb iconTIP: To identify if you have access to an item listed on this bibliography,  simply put the book or journal title into HOLLIS. 

Oxford Bibliographies Online  HARVARD KEY

The OBO is designed help you identify some of the most important and influential scholarship on a broad social, political, cultural or interdisciplinary disciplinary topic. They're  meant to be selective, not comprehensive, and they're regularly updated to remain current.

Often the issue in information-seeking isn't scarcity of material but overabundance. OBO entries can help you solve the problem of knowing what or who to read or which voices in the conversation you should give some fuller attention to. Examples of animal-themed entries include:


lightbulb iconTIP: To identify if you have access to an item listed on this bibliography, simply put the book or journal title into HOLLIS. 

NGOs and Think Tanks

NGO Custom Google Search

This search screen is so spare it almost looks broken,  but  don't be fooled by appearance! This NGO search engine is powerful: it crawls the webpages of thousands of non-governmental organizations for reports, white papers, and discussions that you won't find in newspapers or published academic journals.

For example: see what happens when you search plant-based foods  in this resource.

Statistical Sources


A statistics portal that integrates over 60,000 diverse topics of data and facts from over 10,000 sources onto a single platform. Statista provides business customers, researchers, and the academic community with access to quantitative facts on agriculture, finance, politics, and additional areas of interest. Sources of information include market researchers, trade publications, scientific journals, and government databases. 

ProQuest StatisticaHARVARD KEY

A rich compilation of macro-level data, both national and international. 

Public Opinion Polls

Roper Center | Roper iPoll  HARVARD KEY

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, located at Cornell University, is one of the world’s leading archives of social science data, specializing in data from public opinion surveys.

The iPoll section of the site enables you to search 650,000 actual public opinion questions.

Since its beginning, the Roper Center has focused on surveys conducted by the news media and commercial polling firms. However, it also holds many academic surveys, including important historical collections from the National Opinion Research Center and Princeton University’s Office of Public Opinion Research.

Social Media Aggregators

Google Social Search (6 sites)

 dashboard for searching facebook twitter instagram tiktok instagram pinterest