Request a Digitization

If there is no existing digital copy of a requested item, library staff will scan materials and link them through the Reading List in Canvas. Requests received by August 1, 2021 will receive priority for Fall 2021 course reserves.

To request digital reserves for an entire book:

  • Submit book request via the Canvas reading list.
  • Library staff will look for existing online versions or scan books that will be made available to students for 3-hour online loan periods.
  • Please note that requests for book scanning can take up to 4 weeks. If you include a date-needed-by in your request, we will do our best to accommodate more urgently needed materials. 

To request digital reserves for a chapter or an article:

Additional Resources:

Request a Purchase

If the library does not own a copy of an item you want to place on reserve, you can manually add your request to your reading list and the library will purchase a copy for reserve. We will pursue digital resources whenever possible.

1. Select add items button (plus icon) and Create tab.

2. Manually enter as much information about the item as you can. At a minimum you must enter a title.

3. Add

Creating a purchase request image

4. The item will be added to your reading list.

5. Send your list to the library. Library staff will receive your request, purchase the item and update the reading list with a link to the digital reading once it is available.