Original items featured on camera

  1. Papers of John and Hannah Winthrop, 1728-1789

John Winthrop (1714-1779) was Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at Harvard from 1738 until his death in 1779 and a highly regarded pioneer in mathematics and astronomy in the American colonies. The Papers of John and Hannah Winthrop contain materials created by Professor John Winthrop over more than five decades including almanacs annotated by both him and his second wife Hannah Winthrop.


  1. Charts and diagrams displayed at the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
  • Chart showing The Percent of Students from each State of The United States in the order of The Distances of Their Capitals from Cambridge for 1892-93, UAI 20.892 Folder 3

  • Chart showing The Relative Representation of the Different Parts of America among the Graduates of the Various Departments of the University by the Domiciles of Their Parents, 1800 to 1893, UAI 20.892 Folder 3

Some statistical information about changing demographics at Harvard can be found in the Harvard Annual Reports of the President & Treasurer, available online on the Harvard-Radcliffe Online Historical Reference Shelf.