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2021-22 LLM Bluebook Training

Bluebook Training Checklist

The library's Bluebook training for LLM students consists of these seven steps. 

  • Watch Library Training Course Video #5: Intro to the Bluebook
  • Read Bluebook Overview and FAQs
  • Watch Bluebook Quick Tip Video: Id and Supra
  • Attend Bluebook Class #1 (November 2021 / January 2022)
  • Watch Bluebook Quick Tip Video: Rule 18 (Online Sources)
  • Read Citing an Online Newspaper Article
  • Attend Bluebook Class #2 (February 2022)

This site has links to all of the videos and documents in this list.

Step 1: Watch Library Training Course Video #5

To begin your Bluebook training, please watch (or re-watch, if you have already seen it) the Introduction to the Bluebook video from the library training course.  The video is six minutes long. 

You will need the information in this video to complete the exercises during the upcoming Bluebook classes.

Step 2: Read "Bluebook Overview and FAQs"

Next, review our Bluebook Overview and FAQs.  

Step 3: Watch "Bluebook Quick Tip Video: Id and Supra"

Id and supra are used to refer users to sources that were cited earlier in your paper.  Mastering them is one of the most important aspects of Bluebook citation.  Please watch the quick video below before you attend any of the Bluebook classes, in order to get an idea of how they are used.

Step 4: Attend Bluebook Training Class #1

Bluebook Training Class #1 was taught in November 2021 and January 2022.  Click the links below to download the PowerPoint slides and the group exercises with answer keys.

Step 5: Watch "Bluebook Quick Tip Video: Rule 18 (Online Sources)"

The Bluebook's Rule 18 has special instructions for citing online sources, including websites, blog posts, and other materials that are only available electronically and not in print.  Watch the short video below to see an example of how to cite an online source.

Step 6: Read "Citing an Online Newspaper Article"

It is rare that an LLM paper does not cite at least one online newspaper article. The MS word document below provides quick, illustrated instructions for citing this kind of source according to Bluebook rules.  It also provides another example of how id and supra work.

Step 7: Attend Bluebook Training Class #2

This class focused on citing foreign and international law sources, including non-U.S. cases and statutes, as well as international conventions.  The PowerPoint slides are below.