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The Development of Harvard University Since the Inauguration of President Eliot, 1869-1929 (Find It @ Harvard) Samuel Eliot Morison, editor., editor. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1930.

Harvard & Radcliffe Annual Reports, 1825-1995

The Harvard Book: A Series of Historical, Biographical, and Descriptive Sketches... by  Henry Clark and F.O. Vaille, editors. Two volumes. Cambridge: Welch, Bigelow and Company, 1875.

Making Harvard Modern: The Rise of America's University (Find It @ Harvard) by Morton Keller and Phyllis Keller. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.

Three Centuries of Harvard, 1636-1936 (Find It @ Harvard) by Samuel Eliot Morison. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1936.

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Against All Odds: The Legacy of Students of African Descent at Harvard Medical School Before Affirmative Action, 1850-1968 (Find It @ Harvard) by Nora N. Nercessian. Boston: Harvard Medical School, 2004.

And Mark an Era: The Story of the Harvard Business School (Find It @ Harvard) by Melvin T. Copeland. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1958.

Between Harvard and America: The Educational Landscape of Charles W. Eliot (Find It @ Harvard) by Hugh Hawkins. New York: Oxford University Press, 1972.

Biographical Sketches of Graduates of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Find It @ Harvard) by John Langdon Sibley and others. Cambridge, [Mass.]: Charles William Sever, University Bookstore, 1873 - ; Eighteen volumes, various authors and publishers, covering the Harvard College Classes of 1642 to 1774.  The first three volumes of this work are available online:
Volume I (Harvard College Classes of 1642-1658)Volume II (Harvard College Classes of 1659-1677)Volume III (Harvard College Classes of 1678-1689)

Blacks at Harvard: A Documentary History of African-American Experience at Harvard and Radcliffe (Find It @ Harvard) edited by Werner Sollors, Caldwell Titcomb, and Thomas A. Underwood. New York : New York University Press, c1993.

Building a Great Library: The Coolidge Years at Harvard (Find It @ Harvard) by William Bentinck-Smith. Cambridge: Harvard University Library, 1976.

The Centennial History of the Harvard Law School, 1817-1917. [Boston]: Harvard Law School Association, 1918.

A Century to Celebrate: Radcliffe College, 1879-1979 by Dorothy Ella Howells. Cambridge: Radcliffe College, 1978.

Charles W. Eliot, President of Harvard University, 1869-1909 (Find It @ Harvard) by Henry James. Two volumes. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1930. (Reprint, New York: AMS Press, 1973.)

The Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale and Princeton (Find It @ Harvard) by Jerome Karabel. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2005.

A Collection of College Words and Customs by Benjamin Homer Hall. Cambridge, Mass.: J. Bartlett, 1851.

Crimson in Triumph: A Pictorial History of Harvard Athletics, 1852-1985 (Find It @ Harvard) by Joseph Bertagna. Lexington, Mass.: The Stephen Green Press, 1986.

A Delicate Experiment: The Harvard Business School, 1908-1945  by Jeff Cruikshank.  Cambridge: Harvard Business School Press, 1987.

The Development of Harvard University Since the Inauguration of President Eliot, 1869-1929 (Find It @ Harvard) edited by Samuel Eliot Morison. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1930.

Donations to Harvard College from its Foundation to the Present Time by Samuel A. Eliot.  February 1848.

Economics of Harvard (Find It @ Harvard) by Seymour E. Harris. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1970. Temporarily available online via HathiTrust (requires Harvard login).

Education and Politics at Harvard: Two Essays Prepared for the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education (Find It @ Harvard) by Seymour Martin Lipset and David Riesman. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1975.

Education, Bricks and Mortar: Harvard Buildings and Their Contribution to the Advancement of Learning. Cambridge: The University, 1949.

Elizabeth Cary Agassiz: A Biography by Lucy Allen Paton. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1919.  (Radcliffe history)

Endowment Funds of Harvard University, June 30, 1947 (Find It @ Harvard). Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University, 1948. (Check HOLLIS for other editions.)

The Fairbank Center for East Asian Research at Harvard University: A Fifity Year History, 1955-2005 (Find It @ Harvard) by Ronald Suleski. President and Fellows of Harvard College, 2005.

The First 350 Years of the Harvard University Library: Description of an Exhibition (Find It @ Harvard) by Kenneth Carpenter. Cambridge: Harvard University, 1986.

The Forging of an Aristocracy: Harvard and the Boston Upper Class, 1800-1870 (Find It @ Harvard) by Ronald Story. Middletown, Conn.: Wesleyan University Press, 1980.

Founders of the School of Public Health, with Biographical Notes, 1909-1946 (Find It @ Harvard) by Jean Alonzo Curran. New York: Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, 1970.

The Founding of Harvard College (Find It @ Harvard) by Samuel Eliot Morison. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1935. (Reprint, with a new foreword by Hugh Hawkins, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1995.

The Game: The Harvard-Yale Football Rivalry, 1875-1983 (Find It @ Harvard) by Thomas Bergin. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1984.

Glimpses of the Harvard Past (Find It @ Harvard) by Bernard Bailyn and others.  Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1986.

The H Book of Harvard Athletics, 1852-1922 (Find It @ Harvard) edited by John A. Blanchard. Cambridge: Harvard Varsity Club, 1923. (See also Movius, Geoffrey H.)

The Half-Opened Door: Discrimination and Admissions at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, 1900-1970 (Find It @ Harvard) by Marcia Graham Synnott. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1979.

Harvard. John Hays Gardiner. New York: Oxford University Press, 1914.

Harvard A to Z (Find It @ Harvard) by John T. Bethell, Richard M. Hunt and Robert Shenton. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2004.

Harvard: An Architectural History (Find It @ Harvard) by Bainbridge Bunting. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1985.

The Harvard Book: Selections from Three Centuries (Find It @ Harvard) edited by William Bentinck-Smith. Revised edition. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1982.

The Harvard Book: A Series of Historical, Biographical, and Descriptive Sketches... edited by Henry Clark and F.O. Vaille. Two volumes. Cambridge: Welch, Bigelow and Company, 1875.

The Harvard Century: The Making of a University to a Nation (Find It @ Harvard) by Richard N. Smith. New York: New York University Press, 1993.

Harvard College in the Seventeenth Century (Find It @ Harvard) by Samuel Eliot Morison. Two volumes. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1936.

The Harvard College Observatory: The First Four Directorships, 1839-1919 (Find It @ Harvard) by Bessie Zaban Jones and Lyle Gifford Boyd. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1971.

Harvard College Records [1636-1750.]  (Find It @ Harvard). Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Volumes 15, 16, 31, 49, 50. Boston: The Colonial Society, 1925-1975.

The Harvard Divinity School: Its Place in Harvard University and in American Culture (Find It @ Harvard) edited by George Huntston Williams. Boston: The Beacon Press, 1954.

"Harvard in the Colonial Wars, 1675–1748" by Samuel Eliot Morison. Harvard Graduates' Magazine (June 1918): 554–574.

Harvard Library Bulletin. Vol. 1, no. 1 (winter 1947)-present. Covers a variety of library-related topics, including historical overviews of Harvard libraries and collections, as well as other aspects of Harvard's history.  Volumes 1 to 36 (1947-1999): full text online 
New Series Volumes 1 to current (1990- ): tables of contents only online 
Click here for a selected list of Harvard Library Bulletin articles.

The Harvard Medical School: A History, Narrative and Documentary, 1782-1905 by Thomas F. Harrington. New York, Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1905.

Harvard Memorial Biographies. Two volumes. Cambridge: Sever and Francis, 1866.

Harvard Observed: An Illustrated History of the University in the Twentieth Century (Find It @ Harvard) by John T. Bethell.Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1998.

Harvard's Military Record in the World War edited by Frederick S. Mead. Boston: Harvard Alumni Association, 1921.

Harvard University Handbook: An Official Guide to the grounds, buildings, libraries, museums, and laboratories, with notes on the history, development and activities of all departments of the University. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1936.

Harvard University Press: A History (Find It @ Harvard) by Max Hall.  Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1986.

Harvard University Quinquennial Catalogue of the Officers and Graduates, 1636-1930. Cambridge: The University, 1930.

Historical Register of Harvard University, 1636-1936 (Find It @ Harvard). Cambridge: Harvard University, 1937. An earlier edition (1636-1930) is included in the Quinquennial Catalogue, noted below.

The History of Harvard University by Josiah Quincy. Cambridge: Published by John Owen, 1840.

A History of Music at Harvard to 1972 (Find It @ Harvard) by Elliott Forbes. Cambridge: Department of Music, Harvard University, 1988.

A History of the Germanic Museum at Harvard University (Find It @ Harvard) by Guido Goldman. Cambridge: Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University, 1989.

James B. Conant: Harvard to Hiroshima and the Making of the Nuclear Age (Find It @ Harvard) by James Hershberg.  New York: Knopf, 1993.

The John F. Kennedy School of Government: The First Fifty Years (Find It @ Harvard).  Cambridge: Ballinger Publishing Company, 1986.

The Law at Harvard: A History of Ideas and Men, 1817-1967 (Find It @ Harvard) by Arthur E. Sutherland. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1967.

The Librarians of Harvard College, 1667-1877 by Alfred Claghorn Potter and Charles Knowles Bolton. Cambridge: Library of Harvard University, 1897. Bibliographical Contributions, No. 52. (Appendices include Library laws of 1667, 1736, and 1765.)

Lives of Harvard Scholars: A Selection, 1957-1967 (Find It @ Harvard). Cambridge: Harvard University, University Information Center, [1968].

Making Harvard Modern: The Rise of America's University (Find It @ Harvard) by Morton Keller and Phyllis Keller. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.

Medicine at Harvard: The First Three Hundred Years (Find It @ Harvard) by Henry K. Beecher and Mark D. Altschule.Hanover, N.H.: The University Press of New England, 1977.

Memories of Youth and Manhood by Sidney Willard. Two volumes. Cambridge: John Bartlett, 1855.

Moral Philosophy at Seventeenth-Century Harvard: A Discipline in Transition (Find It @ Harvard) by Fiering, Norman.Chapel Hill: Published for the Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Va. by the University of North Carolina Press, 1981.

More Lives of Harvard Scholars: A Selection of Biographies Written by Their Colleagues (Find It @ Harvard) by William Bentinck-Smith and Elizabeth Stouffer.Cambridge: Harvard University, Office of the Secretary, 1986.

Music at Harvard: A Historical Review of Men and Events (Find It @ Harvard) by Walter Raymond Spaulding. New York: Coward-McCann, Inc., 1935. Reprint, New York: DeCapo Press, Inc., 1977.

My Several Lives: Memoirs of a Social Inventor (Find It @ Harvard) by James B. Conant. New York: Harper and Row, 1970.

Ornament at Harvard (Find It @ Harvard) edited by John T. O'Connor. Cambridge: Next Publications, 1986.

"Out of Smalle Beginnings...": An Economic History of Harvard College in the Puritan Period (1636-1712) (Find It @ Harvard) by Margery Somers Foster.  Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1962.

Puritan Town and Gown: Harvard College and Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1636-1800 by John D. Burton. A dissertation presented at the College of William and Mary, 1996, c1997. (Full-text available online free with Harvard ID and PIN.)

Reading the Shape of Nature: Comparative Zoology at the Agassiz Museum (Find It@ Harvard) by Mary P. Winsor. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1991.

A Record of the Commemoration, November Fifth to Eighth, 1886, on the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of Harvard College. Cambridge: J. Wilson and Son, University Press, 1887.

Report of the Committee on the Visual Arts at Harvard University. Cambridge, Harvard University, 1956. (The Brown Report.)

Revolutionary Generation: Harvard Men and the Consequences of Independence (Find It @ Harvard) by Conrad Edick Wright,  Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press in association with Massachusetts Historical Society, 2005.

The Rise of American Philosophy, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1860-1930 (Find It @ Harvard) by Bruce Kuklick. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1977.

Science at Harvard University: Historical Perspectives (Find It @ Harvard) edited by Clark A. Elliott and Margaret W. Rossiter .Bethlehem: Lehigh University Press, 1992.

The Second H Book of Harvard Athletics, 1923-1963 (Find It @ Harvard) edited by Geoffrey H. Movius. Cambridge: Harvard Varsity Club, 1964.

A Sketch of the History of Harvard College and of Its Present State (Find It @ Harvard) by Samuel A. Eliot. Boston: Charles Little and James Brown, 1848.

Social Sciences at Harvard, 1860-1920: From Inculcation to the Open Mind (Find It @ Harvard) edited by Paul H. Buck. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1965.

Some Early Tools of American Science: An Account of the Early Scientific Instruments and Mineralogical and Biological Collections in Harvard University (Find It @ Harvard) by I. Bernard Cohen. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1950. Reprint. New York: Russell and Russell, 196

The Story of Harvard by Arthur Stanwood Pier, with illustrations by Vernon Howe Bailey. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1913.

"Student Records: The Harvard Experience"  by Harley P. Holden. The American Archivist, Vol. 39, No. 4 (October 1976): pp. 461-467.

Survey of Architectural History in Cambridge. Report 2, Mid Cambridge. Report 4, Old Cambridge (Find It @ Harvard) by Cambridge Historical Commission. Cambridge: Distributed by M.I.T. Press, 1967, 1973.

The Tercentenary of Harvard College: A Chronicle of the Tercentenary Year, 1935-1936 (Find It @ Harvard). Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1937.

Three Centuries of Harvard, 1636-1936 (Find It @ Harvard) by Samuel Eliot Morison.  Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1936.

Three Fifty: The Harvard Celebration of 1986 in Words and Pictures (Find It @ Harvard) by Max Hall. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University, 1987.

Two Astronomical Anniversaries: The Harvard College Observatory Sesquicentennial [and] The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Centennial (Find It @ Harvard) by Owen Gingerich. In Journal for the History of Astronomy 21, part 1, 1990.

The Uncertain Profession: Harvard and the Search for Educational Authority (Find It @ Harvard) by Arthur G. Powell.  Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1981.

The Unitarian Conscience: Harvard Moral Philosophy, 1805-1861 (Find It @ Harvard) by Daniel Walker Howe. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1970. (Check HOLLIS for other editions.

Views of Harvard: A Pictorial Record to 1860 (Find It @ Harvard) by Hamilton Vaughan Bail. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1949.  "Views of Harvard to 1860: An Iconographic Study" by Hamilton Vaughan Bail. This version appeared in seven parts in the Harvard Library Bulletin, 1947-1949:  Part IHLB Volume I Number 1 (Winter 1947): 11-28.
Part II: HLB Volume I Number 2 (Spring 1947): 185-211. 
Part III: HLB Volume I Number 3 (Autumn 1947): 339-376. 
Part IV: HLB Volume II Number 1 (Winter 1948): 44-82. 
Part V: HLB Volume II Number 2 (Spring 1948): 179-221. 
Part VI: HLB Volume II Number 3 (Autumn 1948): 309-343. 
Part VII: HLB Volume III Number 1 (Winter 1949): 44-93.

Yards and Gates: Gender in Harvard and Radcliffe History edited by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.