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International Finance

Getting Started

Getting Started

This guide is meant to help you find laws and information on issues related to international finance; the goal is to provide useful (but not exhaustive) resources.   You may also find the sources in the Regulation of Financial Institutions guide helpful.

Research requires analysis and synthesis of information, and no one resource will likely provide sufficient information or data on any given topic.

While conducting your research, you may want to explore: 

  • Industry information for external data informing international finance

  • International organizations focusing on issues of international finance

  • Practice and study aids, i.e., treatises

  • News sources, including blogs

  • Practical and scholarly articles
  • Financial markets data

For many of these databases, you will need your Harvard University ID and PIN.  For others, you may need to register to gain access.  If you have any trouble accessing a database, please contact the library.

International Organizations

International Finance Organizations

Practice Materials & Study Aids

Practice & Study Aids

Current Awareness

News Sources

Journals & Articles

Journal Research

Industry Research

Industry Associations

You can identify industry specific associations using the Encyclopedia of Associations.  You can also search Google for the industry and using the limiter.  [example search:  international finance]

Visit an industry association's website to read more about the organization, its members, and its mission.  Many organizations support a trade publication, publish industry research and statistics, and follow current events related to its members.  

To research equity analyst reports, you may need to visit the Harvard Business School library or use the Bloomberg Terminal on the 3rd floor of Langdell Hall. Please email for additional information.


Below are some subscription databases for industry and market research:

Financial Data

Statistics & Data

Sources of Data

In addition to using the Bloomberg Law, Westlaw, and Lexis's Intelligize research platforms, there are a variety of other databases for corporate, and finance-related data. For more information, check out:

Also check out the information and links below.

The FactSet research platform contains a lot of data, including SharkWatch (described above). To access FactSet, you need an individual account. You can create an account by following instructions provided by the Harvard Business School's Baker LibraryNOTE: HLS affiliates should follow the instructions for web access (not the FactSet Workstation).

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