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Foreign and International Law Gateways


How to Use These Pages

As with all of our guides, this guide was created to help you perform foreign and international legal research.  This guide attempts to help organize portals or gateways already existing on the internet that group together various types of documents. 

If you are brand new to performing foreign legal research, we suggest you start with secondary sources, and follow the strategy outlined on our guide Foreign Legal Research: Getting Started.

Constitutions and Constitutional Courts

About This Page

Generally speaking, if a country does not have a court titled "Constitutional Court," then issues of interpretation regarding that country's constitution will be determined by the highest level court. The names of even this highest level court differ from one country to another - in some countries, it is called the High Court, but in others, it may be called the Supreme Court (ex. United States).

Finding Constitutions and Constitutional Court Websites

Country Information, Reports and Statistics

Finding Country Information, Reports, and Statistics

Finding Govt. Offices, Ministries & Official Online Gazettes

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Many times the most up to date source of information regarding the laws of a country can be found on the official government websites. Content and currency will vary greatly from one country to another, and even from one governmental office or ministry within a country.  Using one of these portal pages linked to the right ensures that you are on the current official government website for each of the country's included on these pages.

Finding Government Gffices, Ministries and Gazettes

Foreign Law Collections (General, Multiple Jurisdictions)

Tools to Finding Foreign Law

Regional Sources of Law and news from foreign countries

About This Page

In the interest of providing various entry points of access to news and legal resources for various regions around the globe, some of the links provided on this page may be duplicated on the Foreign Collections: Subject-Specific Multiple Jurisdictions tab of this guide.

African Countries


In addition to the links below, please see our research guide, People's Republic of China Legal Research.

CIS and Central Eastern European countires

latin american countries

middle east and islamic countries


Foreign Law Collections (Subjects A-D)


Banking and Insolvency


Citizenship and Nationality


Corporate Governance

Death Penalty

Data Privacy

Drug Laws

Foreign Law Collections (Subjects E-Z)

Environmental Law

Indigenous Peoples

Information, Right to

Intellectual Property

Human Rights

Labor and Employment

Non-Profit Laws

Refugee Law

International Law Gateways

Gateways to International Law Sites

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