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Finding a Paper Topic

This guide was created for use by LLM and JD students interested in writing a paper and who are looking for information on how to get started on such a project.

Using Blogs for Paper Topics

Blogs can be very helpful to show you what is "hot" in a particular field, or what is going on in an area of law, on a more updated basis than other traditional forms of literature, such as books, or law review articles, both of which can take months to be published in their firnal form.

We've provided you with information on various types of "Readers" which allow you to efficiently keep up with your blog subscriptions. No more needing to remember to visit and revist the blog page every day to see if there is anything new!

Shown here are some very reputable blogs from various types of sources - some are academic, while others are more practitioner-oriented. Always review the currency of a blog and try to determine the reliability of its authors or accuracy of its contents, before relying on it.

Blog/Blawg Directories

Constitutional Law Prof Blog

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ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) blog

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Harvard Law School Corporate Governance Blog

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Peace Palace Library Blog

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International Economic Law and Policy Blog

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Law Firm - Current Awareness Blog

International Law Prof Blog

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Setting up a "Reader" Account to Manage Your Blogs

To manage the blogs you read, and so that you don't have to worry about going back to the website over and over to see if there is new content, you will want to set up a "Reader" Account. Some popular ones are listed below: