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Publicizing and Archiving Your Publications

Funding Opportunities

Properly Documenting Your Sources

Publishing Your Work

Publication Acceptance Rates

Acceptance rates can yield important statistical information about the selectivity of a publication.


  • The journal publisher may publish acceptance rates:
    • Examine the journal itself to see if the acceptance rates are provided.
    • Visit the website of the journal to see if this information is posted online.
  • Read articles that may have been written on the quality of journals in a particular discipline.
    • If you search through a periodical index that is key in your discipline, you may find articles written on the quality of journals.


  • The Writers Market contains some useful data on acceptance rates for book publishers, small presses, and consumer and trade magazine publishers.

Publication Rankings: Impact and Immiediacy Factors

The Impact factor of a publication is the ratio equal to the number of cites to recent articles divided by the number of recent articles, where recent may refer to the past couple of years.

The Immediacy Factor is the ratio equal to the number of cites to current articles divided by the number of current articles, where current may refer to past year.

The following database may be helpful in determining this information about a publication:

Writing & Publication

Use these resources to improve your writing, properly document your sources, and publish your work, targeting the most appropriate publications. Information about Open Access and cited references is also provided.

Cited References

Cited References count how many times a given work has been cited by others as a measure of quality.

The following resources can help you research cited references: