Technique & practice

Alternative Photography
A site where users can learn how to print photographs using historical photographic techniques and share their experiences with others.

Art of the Photogravure: A Comprehensive Resource Dedicated to the Photogravure
Provides information on the history, process, and conservation of the photogravure, with a bibliography and searchable online image collection.

Graphics Atlas
Graphics Atlas is an online resource that provides sophisticated print identification and characteristic exploration tools.

Imaging Insider
An online technical information service for anyone interested in photography. News, essays, articles, and reviews focus on photographers, photography, cameras, scanners, printers, software, and imaging technology. 

J. Paul Getty Museum. Explore Art: Photographs
Digital images of various photographic processes and formats from the museum’s collections.

Messier, Paul, and Tim Vitale. Albumen Photographs: History, Science, and Preservation
Developed by art conservators Paul Messier and Tim Vitale, with support from various institutions, this site is a comprehensive resource for information on the art and science of the albumen print.

National Stereoscopic Association
The National Stereoscopic Association was organized in 1974 to promote the study, collection, and use of stereographs, stereo cameras, and related materials.

Jürgens, Martin. Digital Print Identification and Process Database
Information on how to identify digital print processes.

Scully & Osterman. Collodion
Information and definitions about the collodion process.

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