Persian Art

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The bibliography volume incorporates all titles cited by Pope as well as more recent additions by the editors-a unique source of useful citations for this area of Islamic art. Although some of the scholarship in the text volumes of the Survey (first published in 1938) is by now dated and has been superseded by more recent studies, the plates are superb; as a whole the Survey represents a monumental effort to document the art of an entire civilization.

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Substantial bibliographies at the end of each section; coverage includes not only Iran proper, but also the wider Iranian cultural sphere, extending into India, China, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Anatolia and Mesopotamia, from the dawn of history to the present; the Iranica also has entries for particular genres of art, for individual artists, dynasties, patrons, sites, architectural monuments, and even for famous manuscripts (e.g. "Bāysonḡorī Šāh-nāma"); be alert to its idiosyncratic transliteration scheme (e.g. "khān" will appear as "kān", "Islām" as "Eslām", "Shāhrukh" as "Šāhrok")

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A classified bibliography of studies publ. in Iran from 1893 to 1968 on all aspects of the arts.

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A classified bibliography of works on miniature & easel painting in Iran and artists' biographies;
also lists published reproductions of specific paintings; covers mainly publications in Persian.

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A biographical dictionary of Persian, Mughal and Ottoman miniature painters, compiled from primary sources.

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An alphabetical compilation of titles compiled from Creswell, Index Islamicus and other sources; its most useful features are a chronological list of exhibitions of Persian miniature paintings (pp. 145-50) and a topical index (pp. 150-58) including names of artists, patrons, museums, etc.

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A guide to one of the world's major collections; the subject indexes in this and the following catalogues of illuminated Persian manuscripts are invaluable for iconographic research.

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The Baroness Marie-Thérèse Ullens de Schooten archive, at the Fine Arts Library, comprises more than 5,000 photographs, color slides, motion picture films and sound recordings made in Iran by the Baroness Ullens in the 1950s-60s. Many of the still images are available online on HOLLIS Images and Archnet. Archnet also has digitized online videos of the Baroness Ullens' documentary films. The sound recordings are available through the Archive of World Music at Harvard's Loeb Music Library.