Write a literature review to communicate your conclusions about how the literature addresses your research question. A well-written literature review reflects your scholarly accomplishment.

Preparation Tips:

  • After synthesizing the literature, construct your argument.
  • Review your notes and findings with your argument in mind.
  • Create an outline that maps your argument.
  • Consult other literature reviews for models.

Writing Tips:

  • State your argument early.
  • Indicate why your argument is important and how it contributes to the advancement of knowledge.
  • Delineate the scope of your review by discussing what will and will not be addressed.
  • Define terminology.
  • Describe relevant theories and construct topic relationships.
  • Properly cite studies used to advance your argument.
  • Present your conclusions, their implications, and possible directions for future research.

Remember: the literature review is an iterative process!

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