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New Zealand Legal Research

Case Law

Case Law

1. The official publication for case law is New Zealand Law Reports KUQ 19.A2 1883 which begins in 1883. There are also some twenty series of law reports by subject.

2. Online sources include those on Lexis-Nexis listed above. Internet sources include Judicial Opinions Online from the New Zealand Ministry of Justice. These decisions include all Supreme Court decisions; Court of Appeal decisions from 2003 onward; and High Court decisions from August 2005 onward. The University of Waikato's site also offers a comprehensive directory of online decisions.

3. The best manner for finding cases in print is using The Abridgement of New Zealand Case Law (KUQ22. W55x 1963), which indexes case law from 1861 to the present. Cases can also be found in a variety of subject-related reporters.

4. The official site for New Zealand courts provides an overview of the structure, purpose and history of the major courts there. The three major courts are the Supreme Court, the High Court and the Court of Appeals.

5. The WorldLII site provides a detailed online listing of courts and court reports as well.