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New Zealand Legal Research

Practice Area

 D. Law by Practice Area

1. Online sources: there is a subject breakdown for New Zealand legal resources at the WorldLII site and on Margaret Greville's Legal Research Guide.

2. General Legal Research

 a. Print Resources:

i. Morag McDowell and Duncan Webb, The New Zealand Legal System: Structures, Processes and Legal Theory, 4th ed. (Butterworths, 2006), KUQ68 .M35x 2002.

ii. R.D. Mulholland, Introduction to the New Zealand Legal System, 10th ed. (Butterworths, 2001), KUQ68.M85 2001x.

3. Administrative Law

a. Philip A. Joseph, Constitutional and Administrative Law in New Zealand, 3d ed. (Brookers, 2007), KUQ1750.J67 2007x.

4. Banking Law

a. Alan L. Tyree, Tyree's Banking Law in New Zealand, 2d ed. (LexisNexis, 2003), KUQ885.T97x 2003.

5. Bankruptcy Law

a. Tony Agar and Gerard Coles, Insolvency: New Zealand Law Society Seminar (New Zealand Law Society, 1994), KUQ963.I57x 1994.

b. Roman Tomasic, Insolvency Law in East Asia (Ashgate, 2006), ILS KNC362 .I57 2006.

6. Commercial Law

a. Phillippa Gerbic and Martin Lawrence, Understanding Commercial Law, 5th ed. (LexisNexis Butterworths, 2002), KUQ856.G47x 2002.

b. David Rowe and Cynthia Hawes, eds., Commercial Law Essays: A New Zealand Collection (Centre for Commercial & Corporate Law, 2003), KUQ856.C66x 2003.

c. John Skinnon and John McDermott, eds., Law of Marketing in New Zealand, 2d ed. (Butterworths, 2001), KUQ982.3.L39x 2001.

7. Conflict of Laws

a. David Goddard and Helen McQueen, Private International Law in New Zealand (New Zealand Law Society, 2001), KUQ480.P75x 2001.

8. Constitutional Law

a. Peter C. Oliver, The Constitution of Independence: the Development of Constitutional Theory in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand (Oxford U. Press, 2005), K3165.O43 2005.

Online -

b. G.W.R. Palmer and Matthew Palmer, Bridled Power: New Zealand's Constitution and Government, 4th ed. (Oxford U. Press, 2004), JQ5831.P35 2004.

9. Contract Law

a. J.F. Burrows, Jeremy Finn, and Stephen Todd, Law of Contract in New Zealand, 3rd ed. (LexisNexis Butterworths, 2007), KUQ810.B873x 2007.

b. Maree Chetwin and Stephen Graw, An Introduction to the Law of Contract in New Zealand, 4th ed. (Brookers, 2006), KUQ810.C48 2001.

10. Corporate Law

a. Andrew Beck and Andrew Borrowdale, Guidebook to New Zealand Companies and Securities Law, 7th ed. (CCH New Zealand, 2002), KUQ956.B43x 2002.

b. Ross Grantham and Charles E.F. Rickett, Company and Securities Law: Commentary and Materials (Brookers, 2002), KUQ956.G73 2002.

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e. Doing Business in New Zealand (Arthur Andersen, 1997), KUQ956.D65x 1997.

11. Criminal Law

a. A.P. Simester and W.J. Brookbanks, Principles of Criminal Law, 3d ed. (Brookers, 2007), KUQ3800.S58 2007.

b. J. Bruce Robertson, Adams On Criminal Law, 3d ed. (Brookers, 2001), KUQ3800.A33 2001.

12. Employment Law

a. LexisNexis Employment Law Guide, 7th ed. (LexisNexis, 2005), KUQ1237.B88x 2005.

b. Alan J. Geare, Employment Relations (Otago U. Press, 2007), KUQ1220 .G43 2007.

13. Environmental Law

a. Klaus Bosselmann and David Grinlinton, Environmental Law for a Sustainable Society (New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law, 2002), KUQ1507.E59x 2002.

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14. Equity Law

a. G.E. Dal Pont and D.R.C. Chalmers, Equity and Trusts in Australia and New Zealand, 2d ed. (LBC Information Services, 2000), KU490.D35 2000x.

15. Evidence

a. Evidence Code and Commentary (New Zealand Law Commission, 1999), KUQ3542.A23 1999.

b. Evidence: Reform of the Law (New Zealand Law Commission, 1999), KUQ3542.A23 1999a.

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d. Donald L. Mathieson, editor, Evidence [looseleaf edition](Butterworths, 1996-), KUQ3542.E95x.

16. Family Law

a. John Lulich, ed., Family Law in New Zealand, 12th ed. (LexisNexis, 2005), KUQ540.F36x 2005.

17. Health Care Law

a. Sue Johnson, editor, Health Care and the Law, 3d ed. (Thomson/Brookers, 2004), KUQ1520.W35x 2004.

b. P.D.G. Skegg and Ron Paterson, eds., Medical Law In New Zealand (Thomson/Brookers, 2006), KUQ1520 .M43x 2006.

18. Indigenous Peoples

a. F.M. Brookfield, Waitangi and Indigenous Rights: Revolution, Law, and Legitimation (Auckland University Press, 2006), WID-LC KUQ2565 .B76 2006x.

19. Inheritance Law

a. I.J. Hardingham, M.A. Neave, and H.A.J. Ford, Wills and Intestacy in Australia and New Zealand, 2d ed. (Law Book Co., 1989), AU 919 HAR.

b. Rebecca Irving, Equity: Trusts and Wills, 2d ed. (Butterworths, 1999), KUQ 740 .I79x 1999.

20. Insurance Law

a. Duncan Webb and David Rowe, eds., Insurance Law: Practice, Policy & Principles (Centre for Commercial & Corporate Law, 2004), KUQ931.I62 2004.

21. Intellectual Property

a. Barry Barclay, Mana Tuturu: Maori Treasures and Intellectual Rights (Auckland U. Press, 2005), KUQ1100.B37 2005.

b. Ian Finch, James &Wells Intellectual Property Law in New Zealand (Brookers, 2007), KUQ1100 .J36x 2007.

c. Paul Sumpter, Intellectual Property Law: Principles in Practice (CCH New Zealand, 2006), KUQ1100 .S86x 2006.

22. Land Law

a. Tom Bennion, New Zealand Land Law (Thomson Brookers, 2005), KUQ658.N49 2005.

b. Richard Boast, Maori Land Law, 2d ed. (LexisNexis, 2004), KUQ2562.M36 2004x.

b. Andrew Alston, Guide to New Zealand Land Law, 2d ed. (Brookers, 2000), KUQ658.G85 2000.

23. Media Law

J.F. Burrows and Ursual Cheer, Media Law in New Zealand, 5th ed. (Oxford U. Press, 2005), KUQ1064.5.B87 2005.

24. Mental Health Law

a. Sylvia A. Bell and Warren J. Brookbanks, Mental Health Law in New Zealand, 2d ed. (Thomson/Brookers, 2005), KUQ518.B45 2005x.

25. Personal Property Law

a. Barry Allan, Guidebook to New Zealand Personal Property Securities Law (CCH New Zealand, 2002), KUQ904.5 A955 2002.

26. Statutory Law

a. J.F. Burrows, Statute Law in New Zealand, 3d ed. (LexisNexis, 2003), KUQ1990.B87 2003.

27. Tax Law

a. Clinton Alley, New Zealand Taxation, 1st ed. (Thomson/Brookers, 2004), KUQ2790.N495x 2004.

b. Garth Harris, Income Tax in New Zealand (Thomson/Brookers, 2004), KUQ2832.I53x 2004.

28. Tort Law

a. R.P. Balkin and J.L.R. Davis, Law of Torts, 3d ed. (LexisNexis Butterworths, 2004), KVB236.B35x 2004.