Can't find the statistics you need?

Organizations and Research Centers can be a rich source of statistical data for their area(s) of interest. For example, national teacher associations or state teacher unions collect a broad range of data about teachers. 

To find a group working in your area of interest:

  • Mine the reference list of a particularly helpful article, looking for organizations or research centers named as "authors" or publishers of the cited sources
  • Do a keyword search in Google, adding terms such as "national," "center" or "association" 
  • Do a keyword search in the Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S. (Harvard Login)
  • Check for "Links" to related organizations on the web sites of groups working in your area

TIP: If you find an organization that you don't recognize, be sure to check the "About" section to learn more about their area of expertise, funding sources, and any potential research agenda or bias.

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