Saving Your References

Because PubMed is publicly funded, it does not allow direct export to any reference software such as RefWorks or EndNote. However, it is possible to export your citations. The process described below works for any citation management software. You can find more information here on managing your references.

Simply follow these simple steps. You can send individual citations, but it's more efficient to collect the ones you want, save them to the Clipboard, and export them all at once.

  • Click on the Send to button and select File as the destination.
  • Select Send to Citation Manager.
  • A popup box will appear (make sure your popup blocker is off if it doesn't) with a .txt version of the citation.
  • You may either Copy the file (good if there are only a few citations) or Save it.
  • Open your reference management software - EndNote, Zotero, etc.
  • Simply Import the citations - either by copying and pasting or importing the file.

It sounds more complicated than it is, and it soon becomes second nature. Just click Send to Citation manager, Copy or Save the .txt, and import.