Literature review search tips


1. Begin in the 3-in-1 Education Articles database, click Choose Databases link, and add APA PsycInfo. Click OK.

2. If you do not find literature in the 3-in-1 + PsycInfo, try ProQuest Social Sciences.

Search Strategies

1. Begin by breaking your research interest into each of its concepts.

2. Put one topic in each search box. Conceptually related terms go in the same box combined with "OR."

Search Terms

Here are some search strings relevant to your assignment--you can copy and paste them into a search box.

1. selected career- related terms:

career* OR vocation* OR occupation*

2. selected college-related terms--be sure to select SU SUBJECT from the dropdown menu:

college* OR universit* OR "higher education"

3. theory search--note that I've given an example of one motivation theory, you may have others:

"social cognitive career theory" OR  "possible selves theory" OR  "hope theory" OR "self determination theory" OR "self-regulation theory"

4, selected intervention terms--not needed for your literature review, but may be helpful later:

intervention* OR strateg* OR program* OR treatment

Refine Results

Use the left menu to limit results to:

  • the past 10 years
  • scholarly, peer reviewed journals
  • a single database, for example, PsycInfo, if helpful


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