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Disability Law

Guide to researching disability law, touching on health, employment, human rights, and more.


Getting Started

This guide contains selected resources to help start your research on topics related to disability law. 

Secondary Sources

Books & Treatises



Get started with these books aimed at law school students.


Dig deeper with these treatises on disability law.


Human Rights

Mental Health

Journals & Articles

To find articles written on disability law topics visit:

There are several journals both historical and current which focus exclusively on disability law.  Check the publication dates provided to see if they are publishing new issues.

Working Papers

The following databases contain working papers and pre-publication scholarship.

Practical Guidance

Bloomberg Law provides a landing page providing easy access to disability law sources on employment.

Research Guides

Research guides provide background information on a topic, as well as links to evaluated resources. They are an excellent starting place for a researcher exploring a new area.

Law & Regulations

Finding Disability Rights Laws and Regulations

The Guide to Disability Rights Laws from the U.S. Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division. It provides an overview of federal laws that apply to individuals with disabilities. Included are brief summaries, citations to laws and regulations and contact information for enforcing agencies. It was last updated in 2020.


Other Statutes

Finding Pending Legislation

Try the following databases to search the text of bills to identify pending legislation.  Advocacy groups and Agency websites can be another source for information about pending legislation.


Selected regulations on disability rights.

Case Law

The following reporters contain selected U.S. cases on disability law.

Legislative History Material

News & Current Awareness

News and Current Awareness


Government Websites

These government websites contain useful information about disability law topics.

Data & Web Links

Statistical Sources

Web Resources

International & Comparative

Research Guides

These guides provide a background information and evaluated resources on international and comparative disability law.  

International Law Sources

Regional and National Resources

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You may reproduce any part of it for noncommercial purposes as long as credit is included and it is shared in the same manner.