The Linguistic Bibliography Online (Brill) provides over 300,000 bibliographical references to scholarly publications in linguistics and covers all disciplines of theoretical linguistics, including Indo-European historical linguistics.  HOLLIS Record   [Harvard ID required]

Indogermanische Chronik (1967-), issued periodically as part of the journal Die Sprache, provides broad coverage and critical commentary on scholarship in all branches of Indo-European. [Widener Philol 37.15]  HOLLIS Record ; for the years 1994-1998 see under Indogermanische Chronik HOLLIS Record.

A valuable resource for scholarship on Indo-European word formation, etymology, onomasiology, and loanword histories is Frank Heidermanns, Bibliographie zur indogermanischen Wortforschung : Wortbildung, Etymologie, Onomasiologie und Lehnwortschichten der alten und modernen indogermanischen Sprachen in systematischen Publikationen ab 1800 (3 vols., Niemeyer, 2005), which includes a searchable database on CD-ROM. [WID-LC P615 H45 2005x]  HOLLIS Record

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