The following sources are used to reconstruct dispersed libraries and discover who owned a particular book

Provenance research in book history: a handbook, by David Pearson. London: British Library ; New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 1998, 326 p.
Baker Business | Historical Collections -- Office | Z994.G7 P43 1998
Andover-Harv. Theol | Morison Room
Houghton | Reading Room | Z994.G7 P43 1998.
Widener | WID-LC | Z994.G7 P43 1998x
--See Chapter 5 on auction sale catalogues.

On-line provenance resources

SCIPIO: Art and Rare Book Sales Catalogs (Late 1500s-)

Inventory of sale catalogues of named and attributed owners of books sold by retail or auction 1676-1800: an inventory of sales in the British Isles, America, United States, Canada, and India / compiled by R. C. Alston. St. Philip, Barbados: Privately printed by Smith Settle, Yeadon, Yorkshire, for the author, 2010, 2 v. (1192 p.)
Houghton | Reading Room f | Z999.A2 A47 2010

An annotated checklist of catalogue literature, by R Folter. Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, vol. 89 (1995), pp. 469-74

Bibliographie der Antiquariats-, Auktions- und Kunstkataloge. Leipzig [Ger., Karl-Marx-Universität, Universitätsbiliothek]. 1975- .
Widener | WID-LC | Z999 .B595
--Indexes: Folge 1-5, 1975-79. 2 v. ; Folge 6-10, 1980-90. 1 v.
Subject index: Folge 1-10. 1 v.

Répertoire des catalogues de ventes publiques: intéressant l'art ou la curiosité, tableaux, dessins, estampes, miniatures, sculptures, bronzes, émaux, vitraux, tapisseries, céramiques, objets d'art, meubles, antiquités, monnaies médailles, camées, intailles, armes, instruments, curiosités naturelles, etc. / par Frits Lugt. La Haye: M. Nijhoff, 1938-1987. 4 v.
Fine Arts | Reading Room | RFA117.52
Available online via: Art Sales Catalogues online

Die europäischen Privatbibliotheken und Buchauktionen: ein Verzeichnis ihrer Kataloge (einschliesslich der von Buchhändlern und Kunstauktionen) / bearbeitet von Gerhard Loh. Leipzig. 1997-<2012> v. <1-6>
Houghton TS | B 1558.530.1* Shelved in BAL room --1555-<1719>

Répertoire des catalogues de ventes de livres imprimés … appartenant à la Bibliothèque royale Albert 1er. / par Jeanne Blogie. Bruxelles: Fl. Tulkens, 1982-<2003> v. <1-6>
Houghton | Reading Room | Z999.5 .B55 1982

Book sale catalogues are often have HOLLIS records. Search under the name of the owner of the collection.

Pre-1801 catalogues may be included in EEBO (-1700) or ECCO (1700-1800)


Collection des Catalogues de Vente de Livres, Documents et Autographes. Archives Nationales

Esprit des livres: Catalogues de vente de bibliothèques conservés dans les bibliothèques parisiennes

Printed catalogues of French book auctions and sales by private treaty 1643-1830 in the library of the Grolier Club, compiled by Michael North; ed. by Eric Holzenberg. New York: Grolier Club, 2004, 305 p.
Houghton | f | B 1830.437*

Les ventes publiques de livres en France 1630-1750: répertoire des catalogues conservés à la Bibliothèque Nationale / Françoise Bléchet.. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation: Taylor Institution, 1991. 156 p.
Houghton | Reading Room | Z1000 .B54 1991

Les catalogues de bibliothèques du XVIIe, XVIIIe et du XIXe siècles, jusqu'en 1815: contribution à l'inventaire du fonds ancien de la Bibliothèque municipale de Toulouse, par Christian Péligry. Toulouse: Bibliothèque municipale, 1974. 112 leaves.
Widener | WID-LC | Z1002 .P45 F

Catalogues de libraires, 1473-1810 / catalogue rédigé par Claire Lesage, Éve Netchine et Véronique Sarrazin. Paris: Bibliothèque nationale de France, 2006, 632 p.
Houghton | HOU-LC f | Z304 .C38 2006
Widener | Harvard Depository | Z304 .C38 2006

Catalogues de libraires et d'éditeurs, 1811-1924: inventaire / rédigé par Jean-Philippe Adon, Muriel Soulié, Sarah Tournerie ; sous la direction de Chantal Faure. [Paris?]: Bibliothèque nationale de France, 2003, 246 p.
Widener | WID-LC | Z144.C28 2003x


Verzeichnis der Kataloge von Buchauktionen und Privatbibliotheken aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum / bearbeitet von Gerhard Loh. Leipzig: Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig, 1995-
Widener | WID-LC | Z999 .B5952x vol. 1, etc.
Houghton | Technical Services | B 1558.530.2* Shelved in BAL Room
--Teil.1: 1607-1730; Teil 2: 1731-60; Teil 3: 1761-80)

Bücherauktionen in Deutschland im 17. Jahrhundert / von Hans Dieter Gebauer. Bonn: Bouvier, 1981. 2003 p.
Houghton | Harvard Depository | *2003W-23
Widener | WID-LC | Z1000 .G42x 1981

Great Britain

English collectors of books & manuscripts, 1530-1930, and their marks of ownership, by Seymour de Ricci. New York: Macmillan ; Cambridge, England: University Press, 1930, 203 p. Houghton | *65J-117 Annotated by William A. Jackson.
Houghton | *93HR-4689
Houghton | Reading Room | Z987.5.G7 R5 1930
Widener | Harvard Depository | Z989 .R48
--Offers names of auctioneers and dates for numerous major sales.

Book auction records, 1903- . Folkestone, Kent [etc.] Wm. Dawson [etc.]
Google Books version
Location: Theatre Collection TS 72.8 v.2
Location: Widener WID-LC Z1000 .B65 Earlier and later [All indexes classified in WID-LC Z1000.B65 Suppl.]
--Indexes: Vols. 1-9, 1902/03-1911/12. 1 v.; Vols. 10-20, 1912/13-1922/23. 1 v.; Vols. 21-30, 1923/24-1932/33. 1 v.; Vols. 31-40, 1933/34-1942/43. 1 v.; Vols. 41-45, 1943/44-1947/48. 1 v.; Vols. 46-55, 1948-58. 1 v.; Vols. 56-60, 1958-63. 1 v.; Vols. 61-65, 1963-68. 1 v.

Book auctions in England in the seventeenth century (1676-1700) with a chronological list of the book auctions of the period, by John Lawler. London, Elliot Stock, 1898, 1-241 p.
Countway Medicine | Rare Books | 1.B.24.
Houghton | *65J-101
Widener | Harvard Depository | B 6490.6
Widener | B 6490.5

British book sale catalogues, 1676-1800: a union list / compiled and edited by A. N. L. Munby and Lenore Coral. London: Mansell, 1977, 146 p.
Houghton | Reading Room f | Z999.5 .M86 1977
Widener | WID-LC | Z999.5 .M86

List of catalogues of English book sales, 1676-1900, now in the British Museum. London: The Trustees, 1915, 523 p. Houghton | *65J-120 Annotated with additional locations by W.A. Jackson. Houghton | B 1827.99* Annotated with Harvard's holdings.
Houghton | B 1827.99.5* Xerox of A.N.L. Munby's interleaved copy, annotated with additional locations.
Houghton | Reading Room | Z988 .B87 1915 Annotated with Harvard's holdings.
Widener | WID-LC | Z988 .B87

The distribution of books by catalogue from the invention of printing to A.D. 1800: based on material in the Broxbourne library / Graham Pollard and Albert Ehrman. Cambridge [Eng.]: Printed for presentation to members of the Roxburghe Club, 1965, 426, p.
Houghton | f | EP8.R8118 v.231

Sale catalogues of libraries of eminent persons, ed. by A. N. L. Munby. London, Mansell Information/Publishing Ltd; Sotheby Parke-Bernet Publications, Ltd, 1971-75.
Theatre Collection TS 71.99 (v.12)
Tozzer TOZ-LC Z988 .S25 1971x 
Widener B 1565.6  
--v. 1-2. Poets and men of letters-- v. 3. Poets and men of letters-- v. 4. Architects-- v. 5. Poets and men of letters-- v. 6. Poets and men of letters / J. Woolford-- v. 7. Poets and men of lettrs-- v. 8. Politicians-- v. 9. Poets and men of letters-- v. 10. Antiquaries-- v. 11. Scientists-- v. 12. Actors
--"The catalogues have been reproduced wherever possible from priced and annotated copies."


Dutch book sales catalogues, 1599-1800, ed.  by B. van Selm and J.A. Gruys]. Leiden: IDC, 1990-[2007] 3748 items on ca. 5860 microfiches + guides  + Repertory (<1> computer optical disc)
Houghton | Reading Room f | Z999 .B66 1998 Guide
Microforms (Lamont) | CD-ROM Doc | Z999 .B66 1998x =Repertory on CD-ROM
Microforms (Lamont) | INDEX Microfiche W 4360 = guide
Microforms (Lamont) | Microfiche W 4360

North America:

Dictionary of American book collectors, by Donald C. Dickinson. New York: Greenwood Press, 1986, 383 p.
Houghton | Reading Room | Z989.A1 D53 1986
Widener | WID-LC | Z989.A1 D53 1986

A descriptive checklist of book catalogues separately printed in America, 1693-1800 / by Robert B. Winans. Worcester: American Antiquarian Society, 1981, 207 p.
Baker Business | Historical Collections -- Reference | Z1029 .W56
Houghton | Reading Room | Z1029 .W56 1981
Widener | WID-LC | Z999.5 .W55 x

American book auction catalogues, 1713-1934: a union list / compiled by George L. McKay. New York: New York Public Library, 1937, 540 p.
Houghton | *65J-730 Marked for Harvard holdings; supplements 1-2 bound in.
Houghton | Reading Room | Z999.A1 M2 1937
Widener | WID-LC | Z999.A1 M2 With: Additions by George L. McKay" (8 p.)

American book prices current. New York, Bancroft-Parkman [etc.]
HathiTrust version 
Google Books version
Houghton | *2008-2491
Houghton | Harry Elkins Widener Collection | HEW 16.1.1 MS. HEW 16.2.1-HEW 16.2.7 Vols. 15-17 shelved at HEW 13.2.4-HEW 13.2.6
Law School | Special Coll Ref | Z1000 .A51
Museum Comp Zoology | Spec. Coll. Ref. | Z1000 .A51
Widener | Ref 603.7.8 Index
Widener | Harvard Depository | Z1000 .A51
Widener | WID-LC | Z1000 .A51 All indexes classified as WID-LC Z1000.A51 Suppl.


Historia de los catálogos de librería españoles (1661-1840); estudio bibliografico, by Antonio R. Rodríguez Moñino. Madrid [Artes Gráficas Soler] 1966. 238 p. Widener | B 6425.3.5