Lexica: Traditional and Encyclopedic

Glare, P.W.G. 2012. Oxford Latin Dictionary. 2 vols. 2nd ed. Oxford. HOLLIS Record

TLL = Thesaurus linguae Latinae. HOLLIS Record.  Also available on CD-ROM and online. HOLLIS Record 

Lexica: Etymological

The most recent source for Latin etymologies is:

Vaan, Michiel de. 2008. Etymological dictionary of Latin and the other Italic languages. Leiden; Boston: Brill. HOLLIS Record

Earlier coverage is available in the the following sources 

Ernout, Alfred & Antoine Meillet. 1979. Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue latine: histoire des mots. 4. éd., 3. tirage augm. d'additions et de corrections nouvelles. Paris: Klincksieck.  HOLLIS Record

Walde, Alois. 1938-1954. Lateinisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. 3., neubearbeitete Aufl. von J. B. Hofmann. Heidelberg: C. Winter. HOLLIS Record

For etymological dictionaries of Indo-European, see the LibGuide for Indo-European Linguistics

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