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Alternative Dispute Resolution Research

Information about researching common ADR methodologies, including arbitration, negotiation, mediation, and more.

Court ADR

Courts in the United States have been developing ADR programs for several years to encourage parties to resolve their legal disputes without the expense of trials.

This section lists print and electronic resources that you can use to research ADR in American courts.

Court ADR Books

Few books are dedicated specifically to this topic; however, general ADR books often include one or more sections/chapters on the use of ADR in the court system. 

Court ADR Materials on the Internet

Court ADR - Articles

ADR Programs in U.S. State Courts

Several states have official programs that govern the use of ADR in their court systems. The court ADR websites for some of these states are listed below. They often provide a substantial overview of the ADR process for different types of courts and cases.