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Finding Israeli Supreme Court Decisions


Finding Israeli Supreme Court Decisions

This is a quick guide to using the Harvard Libraries' resources to find Israeli Supreme Court decisions if you do not read Hebrew. Note, however, that only a small selection of Israeli Supreme Court decisions are translated into English.

For general information about Israeli legal research, see GlobaLex's Israeli Legal Research Guide (free online) or Foreign Law Guide: Israel (Harvard user credentials required). The Foreign Law Guide discusses finding Israeli Supreme Court decisions on its Israel Court Reports page

High Court of Justice

The Supreme Court of Israel also sits as the High Court of Justice. In this capacity, it has original jurisdiction over civil rights cases filed by citizens against government entities such as administrative agencies. Therefore, this guide also includes resources for High Court of Justice case law.


Party names may be transliterated from Hebrew with various spellings. For example, the married couple who opposed each other in a leading 1996 case about assisted reproductive technology could be spelled "Nahmani" or "Nachmani" in English.

Supreme Court Decisions in English

English-Language Translations of Supreme Court Decisions

Secondary Sources

Selected Secondary Sources: Israeli Supreme Court Jurisprudence

Use these sources to find English-language analysis of, as well as citations to, Israeli Supreme Court judicial opinions.

Bibliography of Selected Articles

This section, a work in progress, provides a bibliography of recent articles about the jurisprudence of this court.  It is organized alphabetically by topic.


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