About Citation Tools

Citation and research management tools are software programs that help you organize your research and keep track of your references. They also make it easy to add citations into the documents you're working on and automatically generate bibliographies in pretty much any style. Harvard primarily supports the use of EndNote and Zotero

We offer classes on using EndNote and Zotero generally during the first half of the fall and spring semesters. For help at other times, submit a question via the Citation Tools Help form

Zotero Classes at Harvard Library 

EndNote Classes at Harvard Library 

Which citation tool should you choose? Check out our Citation Tools Comparison Chart!

*If you're looking for guidance on citation styles, not tools, check out our Citation Style Guides page.

Zotero Classes at Harvard


Upcoming FAS Workshops (Open to the Harvard community)

We don't plan to offer more Zotero Basics classes until Fall 2022, but if you would like help learning Zotero, please submit an inquiry to the Citation Tools Help form and one of our Zotero instructors will respond to you. 


Upcoming HKS Workshops 

For HKS workshops, please consult our KNet calendar (HKS Login) or look for announcements in HKS Daily. You can also contact the HKS Library for an ad hoc training session for you and/or your team. 


Upcoming Countway Workshops

Countway Library will be offering more Zotero workshops in Spring 2022. 

Zotero User Group

Have you been using Zotero for a while? Would you like an opportunity to trade ideas with other Zotero users and learn more advanced user tips? Join our Zotero User Group meetings to learn about topics such as customizing a citation style, dealing with difficult citations, and best practices for long-term projects. Zotero User Group meetings will start with a brief presentation on an advanced Zotero user topic, then open up for general questions and discussion of any needs expressed by users present.

Zotero User Group meetings will return in Fall 2022.

Interested in future sessions? Sign up for our Zotero User Group mailing list.

EndNote Classes at Harvard

FAS Classes

We do not plan to offer EndNote classes in the spring 2022 semester. If you would like to learn about EndNote, please submit an inquiry to the Citation Tools Help form in this guide.

Other Citation & Research Management Tools

In addition, Harvard has licenses for two tools with citation management capability:

Sciwheel (formerly F1000Workspace)

  • web-based citation management tool
  • supports entire academic research and writing process
  • emphasis on the life sciences


  • web-based authoring platform
  • designed to facilitate easy collaboration
  • especially good for LaTeX users
  • allows for integration of citation tool libraries


Harvard also supports the use of Perma.cc, a tool to create and save permanent links to online sources. 

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