Storage Options

Backup Your Zotero data

When you install Zotero, a folder is created to store attachments locally on your computer. To find your Zotero file storage folder, go to the Advanced tab of your Zotero preferences. Select "Files and Folders"  and click "Show Data Directory." This will show you where that folder is located on your computer. Be sure to include it in your computer backups!

Zotero Cloud Storage

If you register for your account with your Harvard email address you receive free unlimited storage from Zotero. This means

  • no limit to the number of items that you can add to your Zotero Library
  • no limit to the amount of PDFs you can add


Manually Link to External Files

If you want to manage your files outside of Zotero go the General tab of Zotero Preferences and uncheck Automatically attach associated PDFs and other files when saving items. 

If you uncheck this, as you conduct your research, you will be required to download and manage all PDFs and other files on your own.

One way that you can manually associate files to Zotero items is by using the option of linking to a file.

Right click on the item and select Add Attachment. Then select Attach Link to File. Navigate to the location where the file is stored. 

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