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Fashion Law Research


Getting Started with Fashion Law Research

Fashion Law can encompass a number of different areas within the law from intellectual property to contract. Historically, an even broader range of laws impacted how people dressed and which clothing was produced. 

Despite, or perhaps because of, the breadth of this area of law, not many resources have focused specifically on the legal issues facing the fashion industry. However, more resources are beginning to emerge. This guide will help you to start your research in this area. It provides an overview of the print and electronic materials available through the library as well as a list of helpful interdisciplinary resources.



Journals & Periodicals

Journals & Periodicals

Currently there are few law journals that focus specifically on fashion law. However, a keyword search of any database of law journals shows that this does not mean that no one is writing on these topics. Below are a few journals and periodicals that are specifically devoted to fashion law, but it is well worth broadening your research to other journals as well.


Fashion Law Blogs

Fashion Law is a fast-moving and interdisciplinary field. One way to try to keep up with the latest developments in this area is to follow relevant blogs. While the blogs below represent some good sources of information, there are many more out there if you are interested in a specific sub-field within fashion law.

Interdisciplinary Research

Moving Beyond Legal Research

Even if your project primarily focuses on legal research, you may need or want to look to other subject areas to supplement your research. This is true for many legal research projects, but perhaps even more so for fashion law, which often incorporates within it the topics of design, art, manufacturing, economics, history, and popular culture. No matter how long it has been since you last researched a non-law topic, these sources will help you to get started with the interdisciplinary side of your research.

Online Exhibit- What (Not) to Wear: Fashion and the Law

What (Not) to Wear: Fashion and the Law was a 2016 exhibit at the Harvard Law School Library. 

Explore the Online Exhibit

Poster for What (Not) to Wear Exhibit

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